If there is an industry that has kept evolving over time, it would definitely be the mining industry. Technological advancements in mining, including hydraulic breakers, have made it safer and more efficient over the years. From health and safety and the environment to exploration and extraction, all areas of mining have experienced a touch of innovation.

There are quite a number of technological advancements that can be termed as the greatest in mining so far, and they include the following:

3D mapping

This technology specialises in high specification mining systems for monitoring mine safety. The laser systems monitor mines 24 hours a day. Though this method has been around for a couple of years, advances in the way data is collected, collated and then presented are great. Also, cost-cutting technology, like the use of drones, has revolutionised the way mining companies conduct their digging and exploration.

Automated trucks and trains

This innovation has been associated with the loss of mining jobs, which isn’t necessarily the case. Employment opportunities still exist in the control centres. No one can deny that automation technology is impressive as trains and trucks are able to navigate safely from one mine site to another. This technology is already here and is set to continue improving and moving forward.


The way we look at core samples is slowly being changed by an invention called the Hylogger. For instance, the Australian mining industry spends almost $600 million every year on drilling holes to locate mineral resources – it is a very costly affair. With Hylogger technology, minerals are grouped in core samples more accurately and faster than a human can.

Diesel hydraulic machines

The drilling of shafts and declines is also changing thanks to Sandvik, which has created a jumbo with a diesel hydraulic engine, resulting in the enhanced safety and efficiency of underground drilling. The machine is both impressive and versatile.

Enhanced data


The era of increased connectivity is here, and most mining companies are taking advantage of that by creating connected networks to enable them to collect, monitor and process data for their mines. The more information there is to analyse, the more efficient their processes become. These networks ultimately enable them to effectively utilise their resources.

Waste management system

The environmental impact of mining is alarming, from the loss of biodiversity and soil contamination to erosion and the formation of sinkholes. Although new problems arise, there’s still so much room for innovation. New solutions are being developed, especially in the area of wastewater, where companies add a chemical to wastewater to transform a liquid metal into a solid metal which can then be sold. This is already being done by a Canadian water treatment firm.

Indeed, while slow resurgence is evident in some mining industries, others are soaring. The mining industry is highly competitive, thus, for companies to maintain a competitive edge, further innovation and enhanced technologies that improve the efficiency, reliability, and capability of mining operations will be required.

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