Storages are essential to every home. With them, we can keep our homes organized, clean, and spacious. Without storage, things would become a mess. Looking for ready-made rooms and containers is excellent and easy to find, but some prefer to save their money or do it on their own.

DIY shelves and storage will help us create or install storage in a way we want them to look like and could help us save a lot of our money. The only disadvantages of DIY are that it would take a lot of effort and time to finish. All of that won’t matter as long as we can style our homes without empty pockets. Below are the lists of ideas and methods to beautifully design our home on your own:

Shelves Using Crates

One of the excellent storage container ideas is using crates or boxes. The materials you need to create this storage are a couple of crates and mini storage baskets. You can pick whichever style of boxes and mount them to the wall however you want so it would look like it’s floating.

Shelves Using Wire and Bins

With wires and bins, you can create and style shelves to your liking. This style will keep you safe from moisture and dust, and it only requires you to use just two materials. If you want to save a lot of money, then this is good for you.

Organizers Using Cereal Boxes

This DIY idea will save you so much both money and time since the materials you need to create this storage is only at your home. If you do not have them, you can head to the nearest store and buy them.

The materials that you need are a cereal box, glue, colored or craft papers, and scissors. It is effortless to design it, and you don’t need a tutorial to make one. You can add some cereal cardboard or other cardboard to add some division and style it however you want.


Woven Baskets

Another DIY idea for storage baskets for shelves that uses materials that are either already available at your home or easy to find is woven baskets. You need old newspapers, a needle for knitting, double-sided tape, glue, scissors, and cardboard.

Fabric Storage Totes

This idea is manageable since you only need to use your old items of clothing or garment, scissors, thread, iron, and needle or a sewing machine if you have one. If you have a talent for knitting and you love totes, then this is perfect for you. You can even carry this organizer around, and you can store anything in it.

Marie Kondo Method

With the marie kondo method, it can help you distinguish which categories your things at home belong. The five types are books, papers, clothes, Komono or miscellaneous things, and sentimental objects or items. The method could help you organize and declutter your things at home to keep it clean. There are six rules that this method goes by.

These are: to commit yourself when you clean up, to imagine your standard lifestyle, to complete the discarding process, to tidy things by its category, and not by its location. The fifth one is to follow the correct order, and lastly, to ask yourself if it brings you happiness. With rules like this, you can organize your home quickly and in an excellent manner.


Using proper methods and resorting to DIY is a way you can spend your money. You can even use this chance to channel your inner artist soul. Using the materials of your choice can help you identify whether they are safe for your things and food.

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