Nowadays, being a college student is very difficult. Due to the heavy workloads and insane schedules, students that major in engineering barely get to submit writing assignments before the deadline. But being in time is not the only problem that occurs when needing to write an academic paper. Read on to find out what other obstacles students face when it comes to writing an essay.

Lack of Time

Students who study general engineering have completely no free time left for themselves. They devote everything to studying and getting high grades. But even then, they sometimes lack in time and fail to submit writing tasks before the stated deadline.

According to Interesting Engineering, studying engineering is never a piece of cake and requires a lot of time and effort. Students also don’t get enough rest, since they spend endless hours studying and finishing different assignments. This is also one of the main reasons why students begin to look for an easier way out of the situation and look for help in various writing companies.

Choosing an Essay Topic

Choosing an essay topic can pause your writing process for a long time because you just don’t know what you will write about. Of course, there are cases when the essay topic is assigned to a student by the professor. This is a lot better since you don’t need to spend any time thinking over whether that topic is suitable or not, you simply have no choice but to write that essay. But a massive problem occurs when a tutor allows its students to choose the topic by themselves.

Tips for choosing an essay topic:

  • Narrow your search. This tip is helpful in cases where a general topic has been assigned to a student by a teacher. The student will need to narrow it down, make it more specific.
  • List of suggested topics. The main selection criteria for choosing the essay topic in such a case is the knowledge, experience of the student, and the desire to express thoughts on certain aspects.
  • Do not choose an extremely narrowed topic due to the high probability of a shortage of necessary literary resources.

Poor English Language Skills

A large number of students studying in US educational institutions are not native English speakers. The same applies to the students majoring in engineering. Because of this, they find it almost impossible to write a high-quality and mistake-free essay. Even if one’s essay content is marvelous, but the paper has many mistakes, you will not score a high grade. This is one of the reasons why students stress over their incompetency in English grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules.

A high-quality essay will improve your overall academic performance. Sometimes, when the topic is difficult, students begin to wonder – “Who can write my essay?” and begin to search for various online essay writing companies. When resorting to one, a student has nothing to worry about since everything will be taken care of and done quickly.

Other Common Problems


Here is a list of the most common mistakes that the students make when writing a college essay:

  • Poor proofreading. Look through the complete work a couple of times, check the spelling, construction of sentences, look for grammar mistakes. The style should be easy to read, and the content should not have any unnecessary information.
  • Prolonged introduction and lack of specific details. A good essay consists of statements that emphasize the importance of the completed piece of writing.
  • Too long in size. When writing an essay, always check with the requirements and comply with the stated word count. The main task of the student is to argue the existing ideas without using repetitions and details that are not relevant.
  • Long sentences/ phrases. Short phrases are much better perceived visually and by ear. You can try to alternate sentences of different lengths.
  • Overloading the work with encyclopedic terms. Inadequate handling of such words will create a misunderstanding and will reduce the quality of the essay.

The Bottom Line

Studying is a constant stress for many students, but majoring in engineering is even more stressful. Earning high grades is necessary to become successful in the future. And, writing tasks, as well as essays, are an essential part of the final grade. This is the reason why students strive to get high results on all of the tasks. Don’t be lazy, manage your time correctly, and you will become a successful student.

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