Viooz, one of the world’s largest and most important Video On Demand platforms, arrived in India almost a few years ago and today many consumers have already enjoyed its services. Do you want to know what it offers, how it works, or how to watch free movies on Viooz Genre?

What is Viooz Genre?

Viooz is much more than a platform for audiovisual content in streaming. The service was founded a few years ago, in California (United States), and at first, it had little to do with what we know today since it offered DVD movie rentals to through the postal mail. The users, once they saw its content, requested the collection of the film, and was given another one that they wanted to see.

A few years after its creation, when Viooz began to offer the distribution of audiovisual content on the Internet, on-demand, first in the United States and, four years later, its international expansion began. Since then, it has experienced significant growth that has led it to become one of the main producers of films and series worldwide, with more than 1 million customers and more than 5,00 employees. Also, last year it was responsible for more than  3% of all Internet bandwidth consumption.

You must already know the term. Viooz is one of the most important Video on Demand ( VOD ) platforms in the world and through which you can choose the movie or series you want to watch at any time.

Where does Viooz Genre come from?

Viooz was born from an American company Movie streaming website that allows users to watch and download 1000’s of Hollywood movies. It offers a huge collection of Movies and TV shows. Viooz is currently located in North America, Latin America, and much of Europe.

How Viooz Genre Works

Viooz works as a monthly payment service that allows you to legally watch hundreds of movies and series over the Internet.

To access the programming, Viooz has a catalog that all its subscribers can access.

However, you should not think that you will have access to television channels, as the service only offers movies, series, and some humorous specials.

You must know that the platform is capable of detecting your preferences and, once you access the service for the first time and indicate three movies or series of your liking, it will take care of offering you recommendations based on your personal preferences.

What is the Viooz Genre catalog like?

The first thing you should be clear about before facing the Viooz catalog is that, logically, you will not find all the latest releases and all the existing film productions in the world. Well on the contrary.

The platform, although it has recent films where the vast majority are productions from 2016, has been mainly based on a series that has already ended and that can be offered in full.

However, the catalog that Viooz has presented in India has been even more limited.

And, as the company has argued, “the strategy focuses on entering new markets with a small catalog, and then gradually expanding it according to the tastes and requests of users in that country.”

To give you an idea, and although there is no official number of how many titles each country’s catalog has, it is estimated, roughly, that the United States has almost 10,000 titles (between movies and series seasons). In the United Kingdom the figure would drop to just over 3 thousand titles and France, with almost a tenth, would only include in its catalog about 1,200 titles.

Viooz Genre

What are the advantages of Viooz?

Overrated or not, the truth is that Viooz has come to revolutionize the world of television through its important advantages. Among them are:

A more attractive catalog than the competition:

  • Although we have recently said that the catalog in India is considerably smaller than that of the United States, the truth is that, in turn, it is considerably more striking than that of the other VOD services in the country.
  • Viooz has an extensive catalog of movies, recent and older, and an excellent catalog of series. In turn, the company has created its hit series, such as House of Cards or Orange Is the New Black.

Dubbing in the English language

  • Unlike other services, Viooz offers you the possibility to watch their titles with dubbing in the English language. A difference that leaves him far ahead of his peers.

Device compatibility

  • You can watch your favorite movies not only from your computer. Thanks to the great flexibility of the platform, you can connect to the service from almost all devices: Smart TV, game consoles, Chromecast, smartphones, tablets, iPad, Apple TV, etc.

Internet flexibility

  • Although it is true, the Viooz platform works through the Internet, it is not necessary to have a high-speed fiber-optic connection or special devices.
  • Viooz is capable of adapting to different connection types and speeds.

Flat rate and no surprises

  • Unlike other services, to access the Viooz platform you only have to pay a flat monthly fee that offers you unlimited access to the entire catalog. You should not overpay for premiere movies or special series. Everything is included.

Simple platform

  • Accessing Viooz is very easy. The user platform is simple and you won’t have to spend hours and hours trying to find the movie you want to see.

What are the disadvantages of Viooz Genre?

  • Expectations were high, and the arrival of Viooz in India revealed to subscribers some disadvantages that were not expected. They are between them:

Lack of iconic series

  • Not including emblematic series such as Game of Thrones in the catalog reveals the lack of content that the service may present at the moment.

Outdated episodes

  • Most of the series that we can find is from the United States, however, at the time of the premiere of a new episode, it is not broadcast immediately or in the short term.

What do you need to use Viooz Genre?

  • As we have previously mentioned, Viooz is a multi-device platform. Therefore, the first thing you need to be able to use the platform is a computer with an Internet connection.
  • If you are going to use a computer you will not need any other type of the previous step. However, if you want to connect from your mobile phone or smartphone, you will need to download a special application.
  • The second, and most important, is to have a broadband Internet connection service fast enough to support the platform.
  • Viooz recommends a 3 Mbps connection to access content in SD quality, 5 Mbps for HD videos, and 25 Mbps for Ultra HD.
  • If you have not yet contracted your Internet rate and you are interested in the Viooz service, you can compare the prices in this comparison of the offers of Internet operators.

With which operators can you contract Viooz Genre?

Some telephone operators have signed agreements with Viooz so that their users can enjoy the platform in more advantageous conditions when taking certain products. Currently, some Internet operators offer Viooz as part of their pay-TV offer.

How much viooz Genre costs?

There are 3 different ways of subscribing Viooz, and the one you choose will depend on the number of screens you want to use the platform on and the image quality you want to obtain.

The platform offers three streaming plans.  It is also possible that the Viooz application is installed on all devices, so you can share the account with all your family or friends and will not involve additional costs.

  • It offers content for two devices at the same time and, when available, in high definition (HD).
  • Premium plan . Allows content playback on up to four devices at the same time and, when available, in high definition (HD) and ultra high definition (Ultra HD).
  • It is important to note that all packages have access to the same content.

Is it worth (or not) subscribing to Viooz Genre?

To answer this question, it is necessary to answer another previously:

What do you prefer: content or good service? …

Viooz wins by far in everything related to image quality, platform, simplicity, audio, subtitles, and many other things. The experience of using Viooz does not compare to any other VOD service in India.

However, there is a platform that offers a more striking and updated catalog.

For the experience that means using Viooz, for its price and because a year from now the catalog should improve if it is worth hiring it.


I hope you enjoyed this article and got a detailed idea about Viooz. Viooz Genre knew how to enhance its digital nature with the same charm of the old formats but adapted to new technologies, capturing the attention of many Peoples who find in this platform a new way of entertaining themselves with a menu of movies on demand.

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