Having well-sculpted abs and a narrow waistline is the dream stature that most of us want to achieve. However, we struggle to burn away the stubborn belly fat and develop adequate muscle mass.

For better performance outputs, understanding the anatomy and the functionality of the core muscles is necessary.

Transverse abdominis and rectus abdominis are the significant muscles you need to focus on while building your abs. So what exactly are these muscles, and why are they so important?

Let’s find out!

Understanding The Anatomy Of The Core Muscle

Core Muscle

The transverse abdominis is located on the lateral sides of our abdominal wall. It is a deep-seated muscle that defines our core.

Transverse abdominis exercises can strengthen your core muscles to help you achieve a flattened stomach, better support your internal organs, and greater mobility. But the most essential benefit includes spine and pelvis stabilization.

For this reason, it’s also referred to as our body’s natural lifting belt.

With the correct Transverse and Rectus abdominis exercises, you can build a strong core to support your body.

For optimum results, you can use resistance bands, free weights, and core exerciser machines such as SpineGym.

Principle Of Transverse Abdominis Exercises

Transverse abdominis exercises activate your core muscles in two fundamental ways:

  • Contracting your abs
  • Pulling the belly button in towards your spine.

Naturally, we brace/contract out abs while lifting anything heavy. This action of “bracing” activates your core or the transverse abdominis muscle.

Another method to activate your core involves lying down on your back and consciously pulling the belly button in towards your spine. You can feel your transverse abdominis contracting.

Why Should You Include Transverse Abdominis Exercise?

The transverse abdominis plays a crucial role in most regular bodily motions. We’ve enlisted the 3 major reasons to train your core muscles with transverse abdominis and rectus abdominis exercises.

Reduces The Risk Of Injury

Do you experience lower back pain regularly? This may be a sign of weakened transverse abdominis muscle. This muscle supports your spine. An unstable spine can cause a plethora of health concerns, including bad posture and a higher risk of back injury.

A strong core stabilizes your spine and reduces the risk of getting injured while heavy-lifting.

Better Workout Performance

Exercise or workout performance is primarily dependent on the coordination and agility of movement.

A strong core can give you a sturdier and healthy framework for better performance.

Improved Aesthetics

While we strongly support body positivity, body aesthetics still functions as a great motivator for exercise. Focusing only on your transverse abdominis may not give you the shredded “six-pack” look. It can surely enhance your overall physique.

Combine transverse abdominis exercises with your Rectus Abdominis exercises to achieve greater strength and agility.

Intense Transverse Abdominis Exercises

Abdominis Exercise

Standing Crunch-In Exercise

The standing crunch in exercises involves both core muscle bracing and pulling your naval inside. It is one of the simplest transverse abdominis exercises.

You can introduce resistance and expect better output by using a core exerciser like the SpineGym.

  • Stand upright by bending your knees or slouching.
  • Now slowly start contracting your abs and pulling your naval inside. Slightly push your core back. With SpineGym, you can place the resistance band on your lower back and move against it.
  • Come back to the starting position. Repeat it 25-30 times.

Russian Twists

Russian Twists are highly effective for building your abs. This exercise targets your transverse abdominis as well as your obliques. You can use a free-weight such as a dumbbell or a kettlebell for making this exercise more impactful.

Russian twists strengthen both your transverse abdominis and your obliques.

  • Sit in an upright position. Extend your legs, slightly bend your knees, cross your legs and raise your feet from the ground.
  • Contract your navel inward, squeezing your core and twist to one side, touching the floor with both hands.
  • Quickly twist and repeat the same on either side. To add resistance, grab a free weight.

Dead Bugs

Dead Bug is one of the best transverse abdominis exercises that involves bracing your core muscles.

  • Lie in a supine position, your back and head touching the ground.
  • Now raise your legs and bring your knees to a perpendicular position.
  • Raise your hands and point them towards the ceiling.
  • Contract your core and extend one leg straight outside. Repeat with the other leg. Continue with alternative legs for 20-30 reps.

Donkey Kicks

Donkey kicks actively engage your core by bracing your abs muscles.

  • Donkey kicks activate and strengthen your transverse abdominis and gluteal muscles.
  • Get on you all fours. Keeps your arms perpendicular to your shoulder.
  • Now gradually brace your core muscles and extend your right leg backward.
  • Repeat the same with your left leg and continue this exercise for 20-30 reps.

A strong core is a foundation for better health and a quality lifestyle.

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