A wedding is always a joyous event when two people decide to make a commitment to each other and if you are tasked with arranging the wedding party, there is much to learn. Of course, the most important thing is the venue, and choosing a hotel or resort with experience in hosting wedding receptions takes the pressure off you, as they have most of the services you need.

Here are a few tips on planning a wedding reception to help make sure the party is a success.

wedding invitations

This must be done in good time, as people have busy social calendars; at least 3 months before the date is suitable. Make sure there is a map to the venue enclosed, as not everyone will be local. To follow tradition, the invitation should be RSVP, as this gives you a definite number of guests you will cater for, and include any special requests (themed weddings).

  • The entertainment

Whether a live band or a local DJ, your must-have entertainment and you know your guests better than anyone; a hotel or resort would have the equipment and may even have their own resident DJ. If you are on the lookout for a DJ, a Google search will bring up a list of local providers and it is a good idea to meet the DJ and exchange ideas, prior to the big day.

  • The Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

The bride would probably contact a leading diamond earrings manufacturer to acquire special jewellery for a wedding, where both rings can be commissioned, along with a necklace.

  • The Menu

Most weddings offer a buffet-type meal, which is much easier to set up than a seated dining arrangement; talk to the venue manager, who would have a range of set menus. If you are having a home wedding party, call in a local caterer who can arrange everything. Click here for tips when staying at a hotel.

  • Parking

Wedding Parking

A hotel or resort would have adequate parking space and you should be able to gauge the number of vehicles from your guest list; just make sure you have that covered. Home wedding parties require understanding neighbors and it is polite to ask for permission to fill up the road. Bear in mind that there will be guests who drink more than they had planned and they might need a place to sleep; if the venue is a hotel, guests can easily check-in and leave after breakfast the morning after. Here is some information about getting married in Thailand, which will help you if you are a foreigner.

  • Alcohol


The last thing you need is to run out of alcohol just when things are livening up; you do need to decide to what extent you are going to fund drinks – you could set a limit with the venue and after that, people buy their own drinks, or you could settle the bill yourself. If funds are limited, your guests won’t mind buying their drinks and this will save you a sizeable amount.

If you have no experience in event planning, there are resources online to help and hopefully, the wedding party will be remembered for all the right reasons.

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