If you don’t like the idea that you can only work out when your local gym is open, why not enjoy the independence that comes with having a gym at home? It isn’t as expensive as you might think to equip your spare room for fitness training and with that in mind, here is a rundown of the essential equipment you would need.

Pair of dumbbells

Dumbbells with a set of weights are really all you need; 20kg in total is more than enough for the average person and a set would contain 5kg, 3kg, and 2kg weights that can be interchanged.

  • Weight-Training Bench

Weight-Training Bench

These are light and very durable; choose one that is fully adjustable and you can use it for sit-ups as well as bench-pressing.

  • Treadmill


A state-of-the-art treadmill from a leading Thai supplier would help you maintain stamina and there is a range of brands like Matrix and Horizon, with amazing features. They even have special airbags that can be deployed to give you a range of terrains to run on, both soft and hard.

  • Work Out Mat

Work Out Mat

You want the best grip and a weight-training mat would be very durable and last for many years. You can find the best deals at the online fitness equipment supplier and with a free installation service, your home gym will soon be ready for action. A yoga mat is fine for working out, but a jump mat is thicker and more durable.

  • Weighted Jump Rope

Weighted Jump Rope

Buy a decent one and it will last you a lifetime and there’s so much you can do with a skip-rope (Google ‘ways to use a jump rope’). The weighted version is much preferred as you can get some serious speed going, which helps to develop timing and let’s not forget YouTube, where you can access many skip-routine videos that show a variety of ways to use a jump rope. Click here for top tips to stay healthy.

  • Resistance Bands

These are a game-changer for those who live in condos or apartments and there are different tensions from light to very heavy; with a set of dumbbells and resistance bands, you can do a complete workout.

  • Pull-Up Bar

Pull-Up Bar

An essential piece of kit, the pull-up bar would be bolted to the ceiling or wall, which would support your weight. If you search online for a leading Thai supplier of fitness equipment, you’ll find everything you need in a single shop and if you prefer to visit their showroom, you can arrange this via their website.

  • Kettle-Bell


Great for many exercises, every gym should have a few kettlebells sitting in the corner, which is great for cardio. Buy an adjustable kettle-bell that ranges from 8-50lb, which is more than enough weight.

  • Mirrors

Vanity aside, watching yourself while working out ensures that you are doing the reps correctly and if you cover an entire wall with mirrors, that works! There is a special mirror tint that comes in a roll and when applied to a smooth service, you have a perfect reflection.

Here is an informative website on Thailand’s physical activity drive, which helps people to stay active.


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