Cloud-based apps are the future of any business; they give you remote access to all of your business operations such as sales, marketing, and customer relationship management, whilst also taking over these day to day responsibilities in a more efficient and better quality manner in order to increase profits. They can be a huge help to any business, so it’s worthwhile considering using them. Here, we take a look at two of the most popular forms of cloud-based software, and how together they form the ultimate lead generation solution.



Salesforce is technically customer relationship management software, but it uses this to boost marketing and sales as well as customer service. It uses clever technology to source useful information from customer communications to create targeted, personalized marketing materials to the right audience.

It also helps you to monitor and improve customer interaction and gather more information, leading to better customer relationships and more sales. Apps like this help to simplify business administration and produce results faster whilst also freeing up your time to spend on other areas of your business.


ActiveCampaign is a similar all-rounder type of software, but with a focus on marketing. It creates personalized automatic marketing from customer relationship management, as well as helping you to improve customer relationships and create more sales. It helps you to save time whilst also improving the quality of your marketing materials.

The clue’s in the name; this software creates marketing campaigns, specifically email marketing campaigns in order to reach out to potential customers. Successful marketing is the key to finding and retaining regular customers and therefore making more sales.


While both of these apps provide a similar variety of services, Salesforce excels in its sales functions, while ActiveCampaign provides a more thorough marketing cycle. You might be feeling intimidated by the idea that you could need an individual app for each aspect of the business, however, thanks to piesync you can now sync apps. For example, you can form a Salesforce ActiveCampaign integration which makes the most of the best aspects of each.

You can even create rules that define how the apps blend with each other, and what information is shared between them. An example of this is that contact details of customers who are part of ActiveCampaign can be shared with Salesforce. Live customer relationship statistics can also be shared from Salesforce to ActiveCampaign.

By combining two apps with different specializations like Salesforce for sales and ActiveCampaign for marketing, you can get the best of both worlds. The apps can share information in order to search for relevant customer information which they can then create personalized, targeted marketing materials.

They can also analyze data and feedback, as well as monitoring communications in order to improve the customer experience and the efficiency of systems that your business already has in place. If you’re looking for more business tips, take a look at this article here to find out how to succeed in business.

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