Although the media, leaders, and the general public is constantly putting down the idea of driving under the influence of some drug or alcohol but still it’s impossible to stop the entire world, there would always be few people who would continue to enjoy this bad thing until it costs them much more than they can currently bear in terms of penalty, imprisonment, and fines.

Not every DUI case is dealt with the same piece of law, there are certain rules or more precise words would be “scenarios” in which the person found guilty of the DUI would be facing much more penalty than the other one who is also a DUI. There is no fixed penalty for it, it varies and that’s why we’re here with three different scenarios of the DUI which can cost much more.

Let’s get started.

1. A DUI with a child in the car. The situation gets worse on a whole different level when the guilty person’s car is also having a child. This results in the DUI becoming a felony. The felony rules differ by state and if you’re from Oklahoma, I highly suggest you read this guide “ felony DUI Oklahoma “. A felony Dui is regarded as a major crime in the dimensions of driving under the influence which means more severe punishments by the authorities. A DUI basically starts by being a misdemeanor and there are certain ways it becomes a felony but if the guilty one is accompanying children in the same vehicle, it is regarded as a felony and the punishments hence vary from state to state, it would be a wise idea to consider the laws of states.

2. Someone dies as a result of the accident. Being driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is surely not safe and it literally takes a minute to let the vehicle go out of control. If the other person dies as a result of this accident, the misdemeanor is converted into a felony and results in a whole bunch of big punishments, it’s a really wise idea to stop being a DUI as it can cost other’s life too and once someone loses the life, the punishments coming up are not going to be slow, you can guess it by the laws we have today.


3. While the previous two covered the fact that the person driving the influence of drugs or alcohol subjected damage to some other party, this third point does not deal like that. It’s about personal injury. If some DUI driver is accompanying someone in their vehicle whether they share a sound relationship with them or not, an accident would not only result in huge injuries inflicted to oneself but also to the other person and the medical charges of that person have to be paid too, only if the person chooses not to turn to court otherwise it can become a big crime and the authorities would charge too.

These were some of the scenarios in which habitual DUI driving can inflict significant damage. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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