Maintaining your boat’s condition is the same as keeping your car in the best shape that it can be. Whether you have a custom made Yacht or you decided to purchase the Hatteras M75 Panacera, boat maintenance should never be ignored. Always remember to have a maintenance check and see if your Yacht or boat will be at its best performance. Here are the proper boat and yacht maintenance tips for everyone.

Have a Boat Maintenance Checklist

Have a complete list of what needs to be checked before you go out in the water. Your checklist should at least include checking the engine. The boat’s bottom or hull and topsides, plumbing system for larger boats, electrical systems, all the moving parts like hinges, tracks, zippers, and all the canvas and upholstery in the boat. The list can go on, but these are some of the essential things you might want to go and check.

Coating and Protection

Always check your boat’s gel coat. Proper maintenance of the gel coat by using the right cleaners is a must. If you are not aware of the right cleaning agents that help protect your boat’s gel coat, chances are, you might end up using the wrong ones, and that can lead to dissolving or staining your boat’s gel coat.

Check the Engines A Day or Two Before Your Trip

Before taking out your boat for an excursion, always keep in mind that the engine should be in top shape. By having a checklist of what to check in the engine, you are sure to have a hassle-free trip. Make sure you have enough fuel for your trip. Check for any possible leakage and check the water coolant level if necessary. Check the wiring as well. You don’t want to have your wires tripping and burning while you are in the middle of a lake or sea.

Molds, Mildew and Rust

Molds, mildew, and rust can not only be annoying and ugly. They can also have significant effects on your boat’s performance. Always try to remove moisture from your boat after using it. Try using a light mixture of ordinary white vinegar to kill molds without harming your boat’s coating. 

Boat and Yacht Maintenance


Anything exposed to water, primarily saltwater, has the possibility to rust and later on develop corrosion. Always try to check for corrosion and be ready to replace any rusted parts. 


Always try to keep a dry and clean towel around and try to wipe off any moisture if possible. Corrosion and watermarks can show up, but as long as you try to wipe them off clean, this can be avoided. After use, make sure that our Yacht or boat has been cleaned and dried correctly.

Check Your Propeller

Always try to check your propeller for any possible damage. Dents should not be present on your propeller and be ready to replace your propeller if dents, cracks, or any damage start to show. Always check your propeller if fishing lines may have been trapped in the shaft of the propeller.

Pay for Maintenance Personnel

If you do not know how to properly do maintenance checks on your Yacht or boat, be ready to accept the fact that you might need to hire or pay for someone to do the maintenance checks for you. Try asking your peers or any other boat enthusiasts for any recommendations of good maintenance people who can do the work for you. Just remember to be ready with a budget to make the payments for these extra miscellaneous if you can not do the checks yourself.

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