Being one with nature is one of the most used reasons why people go on a backpacking trip. Hiking and seeing good scenery is one of the expectations going on trips like these. Reconnecting with the wild revitalizes the human spirit and gives a refreshing flow of energy to one mind and body. Be ready with your backpacking checklist, and here is a list of America’s top 5 backpacking destinations.

The John Muir Trail in California

The iconic trail was named after the naturalist and founder of the Club John Muir; It passes through Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia National Parks. Most people prefer hiking this trail from July through September. If you wish to hike this trail, a permit is required. You can obtain the license from the National Park or National Forest, which is most likely where your hike would begin.

The trail features 339.6km of wilderness, and its highest point is just under 4420km. It is advisable to bring your food and stored in bear-proof containers because bears are plentiful in these areas.

Kesugi Ridge in Denali State Park in Alaska

If you are looking for stunning panoramas of America’s tallest mountain, Denali (also known as Mount McKinley), then the Kesugi Ridge is right for you. The longest route for this hike is roughly 579km, and it can be accessed at several points too.

Before taking a hike, people are advised to always be in contact with seasoned hikers in the area, as some of these access points may be closed for several reasons. It may be closed due to flooding and sometimes because of an excessive number of bears present in the area.

It is advisable to have a bear spray with you as bears may occupy some territories. Hikers prefer taking this trail during the summer and fall, which means between August to September. This is one of the most accessible trails, but everyone should carry a compass, as fog can be an issue at times. 

Backpacking Destinations

People say that although this may be one of the most tranquil trails to hike, the views are amazing. It would be worth your time to start with these trails if you are a beginner in hiking.

Teton Crest Trail in Wyoming 

The trail of mesmerizing views is 64.4km, which covers the Phillips Pass to String Lake in Grand Teton National Park. It crosses the following points: Death Canyon Shelf, Mount Meek Pass, and Hurricane Pass, which crosses the high alpine meadows of the Alaska Basin. It boasts of plentiful wildlife viewing and wildflower meadows too. This is also considered a bear country, so bringing a bear spray is a must. This is a more strenuous hiking trail with the highest point of 3231m.

Pemigewasset Wilderness Loop in New Hampshire

If intense hiking is what you are looking for, then the Pemi Loop offering a 50.7km to more than 2743m in elevation gain should be your choice of the trail later. It offers spectacular vistas but gives you rugged terrains too. 

The trip would take you two to three days, so be ready with all of the equipment and supplies you would need. People are advised to be prepared because the mountain range is notorious for variable weather conditions. This is also a bear country; bear sprays are a must.

Part of the Appalachian Trail in Maine

This trail offers an excellent view of looking down on the lake. It offers 160.9km of wilderness and does not cross any road. It can be dangerous for non-expert hikers, and it is most famous for its isolation. It boasts of the biggest waterfall on the Appalachian Trail, the Wilson Falls. Hikers could finish the trail between three to five days.

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