When we talk about software that is installed on your computer or mobile phone, you usually use an installable program or application, which manages both the storage function that protects the private and interface keys to operate on the Bitcoin network: used to send bitcoins, visually reflecting the state of the addresses associated with the private keys it manages, among other data. Usually all of this software. The thebitcoinrevival.com is the best site used for bitcoin

To buy Bitcoin Gold or invest your Euros in the bitcoin gold, it is essential to understand how it works and the perspective in which it was made. Bitcoin Gold is a cryptocurrency born from a hard fork made on Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. A Fork is a modification of the rules that govern the technology behind a cryptocurrency.

The fork made on Bitcoin to obtain Bitcoin Gold starts from block number 491407. The concept brought by this cryptographic currency is a new decentralization of Bitcoin, and in so doing, it offers the possibility of mining with cards. Graphics and cancels that of “mining” blocks using specialized ASIC equipment. This has the advantage of allowing more people to mine BTG. This will not be the preserve of a small group of people. To mine a block of Bitcoin Gold, it takes about ten minutes. Since Bitcoin Gold is the result of a modification of Bitcoin, the two cryptocurrencies have the same number of capped units as, that is to say, 21 million units

All users who owned Bitcoin units at the time of the fork were allocated an equivalent number of Bitcoin Gold for free, except those who did not personally have their private key. For example, those who are Bitcoin were placed on a cryptocurrency exchange platform that does not support Bitcoin Gold.


To buy or invest in Bitcoin Gold, you need to know what differentiates it from the cryptocurrency from which it comes. Even if Bitcoin Gold was born from a fork made on Bitcoin and both of these cryptocurrencies are deflationary – a unit issue limited to 21 million for each – they have a few points of divergence:

  • The Bitcoin proof of work hashing algorithm is SHA 256 while that of Bitcoin Gold is “Equihash”;
  • Bitcoin can be mined with ASIC hardware while Bitcoin makes this possibility obsolete and must be mined with graphics cards;
  • Bitcoin is not protected against replay attacks while Bitcoin Gold incorporates this kind of protection;
  • The Bitcoin difficulty adjustment algorithm is deployed every two weeks, while the Bitcoin Gold algorithm is deployed for each mined block.

Should you buy Bitcoin?

Although it is directly inspired by Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold has its own peculiarities which make it a unique cryptocurrency. Its protection against replay attacks, its new hashing algorithm “Equihash” and the possibility of “mining” it with GPUs demonstrates the potential of a promising investment. Buying right now would allow you to have significant added value as soon as its value rises again.

What is a BAT and where to buy it?

BAT is a token-like cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum network, like many others. BAT means «Basic Attention Token», or in Castilian «basic attention token» and was born as an asset to finance while solving the usage characteristics of the Brave browser. BAT can be purchased on many sites and exchanges.  It is recommended Coinbase, an exchange where you can buy by card, transfer, and now also with Paypal, different cryptocurrencies, among which BAT is now included.

BAT was born to allow the operation of Brave and its reinvention of the world of online advertising and the reinforcement of user privacy, in addition, BAT has been used by Brave as an advertising claim, since Brave often gives $ 5 to its users to encourage their use and thus reach the critical mass of users they need. It is a very typical advertising strategy that companies like PayPal have used on very few occasions.

A BAT has gone from being worth 10 cents to 30 cents in recent months, while its total capitalization has exceeded 300 million dollars, thus becoming one of the most important cryptocurrencies on the current scene.

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