Mining is one of the most complex functions involving digital currencies. In the mining of cryptocurrencies we can act individually, but today there is a strong competition, because of the increasing difficulty to discover the next Crypto block, it is necessary to increase the processing power or hash rate. Consequently, some miners decide to regroup to combine their capacity or their computing power and thus have more chances of success. The mining pool is also known as a mining equipment farm.

How are the profits distributed on the farms?

Profits in mining pools are distributed in proportion to the hash rate, or computing power that your machine contributes at a given time. This means that each miner will get rewards depending on whether they contributed more or less computing power. So always take into account the work capacity and the time invested, which brings us to remember that we also have the possibility of automating our mining equipment.

Many are wondering how to invest in bitcoin and what is the best way to do it, and it is not very complicated. This guide mainly aims to show the ways to mine Bitcoin, but you can also invest in Bitcoins by buying them through an exchange (you will then be a holder of BCT), invest in Bitcoins in the form of CFDs, place a Bitcoin future or invest bitcoins through mining. While the bitcoin market is very volatile, bitcoin has become the most lucrative form of investment in recent years.

Buy bitcoin to keep them

Many investors prefer to buy Bitcoin and keep it, investors start to invest in Bitcoins and keep them for a long time, waiting for the price to go up. There are rumors that the price of Bitcoin in a few years could reach a value above $ 100,000 USD for a BTC.

The powerful trading algorithms is a secure platform for buying Bitcoin that is visual and intuitive. , Online platform allows you to invest with Bitcoins easily, as well as other interesting cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Litecoin.

To buy cryptocurrencies you must first deposit money into the platform, which can be done instantly, with a credit/debit card or by bank transfer (takes 1-2 days). It is not a platform to buy and sell multiple times a day, as there is a 1.5% fee per transaction, but you can use it if you plan to invest in Bitcoins and place long-term positions.


Investing in the speculative CFD market in Bitcoin is trading Bitcoins to take advantage of a moment of low prices, buy cheap and wait for a rise in order to sell more expensive. You can even enter the Bitcoin market and make a profit. It is a form of trading that requires in-depth knowledge and much more dedication to making a short-term profit.

There are many brokers to give you this option, but we recommend two, eToro and 24option which have proven to be reliable and secure platforms for operators, I put below a video explaining one of these platforms.

The broker eToro meanwhile, allows you to participate in social trading, where you can copy the investment portfolios of other successful users, you just need to look for someone with a good investment record and the platform will take over the movements automatically. But beware, any investment carries its risks, so follow the recommendations that will be given to you for better results, when the price of Bitcoin goes up, but you can also earn money when the price drops (short).

Bitcoin mining with PC

If what you want is to mine Bitcoin with your PC, it is certainly possible, but with little profit then, you can do it with your GPU (graphics card), it is today is completely possible to mine with NVidia graphics cards, but rather complicated, and only the latest generation,

You can get more information about working with Bitcoin and its earnings in the publications below.

  1. Open a Bitcoin wallet on the official website and store your money there
  2. Buy on the exchange or earn bitcoins
  3. Track the Bitcoin exchange rate to world currencies and earn money on it
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