Digital marketers face a lot of obstructions while doing their jobs, be it while researching keywords or scoping out competitions. They live and breathe the internet and its mechanisms. And that is why a VPN is a perfect tool that all digital marketers should invest in. There certainly are plenty of reasons for that. Let’s get into all that in this article. But before we do that, let’s clarify, what exactly is a VPN.

What is a VPN?

VPN is the commonly used abbreviation of the term ‘Virtual Private Network’. Billions of people around the world use it, be it badass business owners or bored people who want to watch some content blocked at their location – and with good reason. A VPN allows you to stay safe and anonymous while browsing the world wide web. It masks your device’s IP address with another IP address to maintain anonymity and encrypts all the data that you generate.

After encrypting the data, it securely transfers the data to the intended destination. The security comes from the fact that your device is masked by the new IP address which is a dupe. Hence anonymity and security go hand in hand in the case of a VPN. As a digital marketer, both of these aspects are of critical importance to you. To know more about VPN, visit So, how does VPN help you with your functions? Let’s see.

Helps you keep an eye on your global assets

A digital marketer needs to know how your site looks like for people from different parts of the world. Since your browser knows your location, accessing websites as if from a different location without actually being at that location is difficult. But with a VPN service, it is really easy. Enable your VPN and move your IP address to any location that you want. With a VPN, you only need an incognito tab to check how your website looks for people from different countries.

Digital Marketers

Analysis of competition

You can certainly use a private window or incognito browsing modes to get around your search engine and browser limitations. But you may still end up facing off with geotargeting. This means that you won’t get to see who places themselves at the top of the page on the strength of their pay-per-click budget. With a VPN, this is not difficult anymore. You can check results by country or even by city.

Offers security

Digital marketers deal with a lot of sensitive client data which if leaked in even a slight way, will collapse your business. With a VPN, you don’t have to worry so much anymore as you won’t be susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks. Since your IP is masked, there is also a significantly lower chance that you will be targeted for phishing attacks.

Helps with link building

You may need to build links for multiple clients from the same website but some sites will only allow a preset number of links to be built from each profile page. If you don’t want to get your IP blocked, it is recommended that you use a VPN. With VPN, you can change IP in seconds and get as many accounts as you need without the fear of getting blocked.

Final thoughts

These are just a few advantages VPN offers to a digital marketer. Besides this, VPN also helps you with market intelligence and post ads anywhere in the highly local websites like Craigslist. Hence, it is highly recommended that digital marketers invest in a VPN service to take their business to the next level.

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