Instagram has become one of the hottest social platforms for many businesses, with one billion and counting. Besides, its engagement level is high as compared to other social media platforms, making it one of the most engaging platforms for small businesses.

However, have you ever thought of Instagram beyond just sharing or uploading filtered pictures?

Perhaps not!

While the prime feature of Instagram is its ease of use and access, there are various other tools and third-party apps that most users are unaware of. Here are some hidden features that are uncovered. Have a look at them:

Shoppable Videos Are Still Hidden:

The growth of video content is staggering. If the stats are to be believed, there are over 55% of people who watch videos every day. Also, they are one of the most interactive, combining visuals, sound, and movements to interact with people.

Further, just adding videos is not enough; it should be engaging, innovative, the reason it is important to monetize videos. That’s when the Instagram shoppable feature comes in. With this, you can completely transform any simple video into the most interactive one and can attract genuine Instagram followers to your account.

This also means, when your marketers will touch, the video, they will be able to view the product catalog.  You can provide a fully integrated retail experience to your clients.


IGTV Will Rule In The Coming Years:

As per Instagram, by 2020, 75% of the content on Instagram will be live through IGTV. The studies also suggest that people are welcoming digital content in their lives, accounting 79% of traffic only from mobile.

Further, unlike regular videos, the IGTV lets a business make videos of longer durations. With this, you will be able to share your content on other social platforms with ease.

Instagram Hashtags Will Stay:

Hashtags are important; you can call them an inseparable part of the Instagram marketing strategy. Why? Because they put a great impact on the impressions, your post would receive.

If used appropriately, they increase user engagement, improve brand awareness, and will help you expand your network to drive more sales and more traffic. You can also use them to buy instant Instagram followers for real traffic.

The Live Feature Will Take You Up In The Instagram Algorithm:

You might be well aware of the Instagram live feature, but do you know that accounts which use this feature to get benefits from the platform’s algorithm.

How? The live feature gives notifications to the followers, putting your content at the top of the feed. Further, you can also post your live videos to your story to make them available for the next 24 hours.

Not only the Live feature will engage a more audience, but will also improve the ranking of your account in the algorithm, thereby increasing the brand’s visibility.

The Checkout Will Open A New Revenue Stream For Business:

Instagram is one of the wonderful tools for interacting with people; with things like live stories, tags, shoppable updates, and more, the platform has made sales transactions smooth and easy.

It will enhance the shopping experience by making shopping simple, secure, and continent. The checkout will also allow users to place an order from the app directly. You just have to select the product and fill in the details like name, email, payment information, and more.

Automatic Post Scheduling Make Things Easy:

Instagram’s auto-post scheduling lets you schedule posts, thereby allowing e-commerce owners and social media managers to focus on generating sales completely. Scheduling posts ahead of time will save your time, and you can focus more on leads.

Instagram has been the most lucrative platform to generate leads and increase sales. Besides, the platform has been so innovative with features like stories, videos, and more.

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