I am sure you can remember your favorite toy growing up. Most of us grew up using dolls, plastic solvers and wooden vehicles. We can all agree you loved your toy so much. But do you know why every child loves their toys? Do you think they are worth it? Do they have all the benefits a child needs? As you were growing up using those wooden or plastic toys, you least realized that they impacted greatly on your development, behavior, and educations.

Why do kids like their toys so much?

You know you liked your toy and children still like to play with their dolls, their favorite plastic characters, and those masks. We see how happy children are, but do we really know why?

Toys are a fun way to stimulate your child’s brain

If toys are not enjoyable, then be sure no kid would want to play with one. As their brain is developing and so much happening in their environment, they feel interested in playing and learning every bit of their new environment. Just like grownups, children need something to make them happy and to help them avoid stress. What better for this purpose besides kid’s toys?

They are perfect for learning

Children learn a lot when they are playing with their toys. They also have a chance to interact with other children which helps them learn conflict resolution, how to coexist and how to be patient. Color cards help the children learn about colors and improve their vision. There are some educational toys that impact positively on their learning.

Helps with their motor skills

As children are playing with their toys, they are involved in physical activities which are a fine exercise for their motor skills. As your daughter undresses a doll, pushes a toy car or touches the dolls, they are benefiting their motor skills significantly.

They help with emotion management

Just like adults, kids have emotions and that would be better defined by their playtime. If the child spends most of the time playing with the toys, you can be sure they are likely to learn how to control their emotions.

Kids Toys

What is a good toy?

With that in mind, I am sure you are asking what constitutes a great toy for your child. Here are some of the factors to consider when you are getting toys for your children.


A toy that will impress a girl may not be a good match for the boy. So when you are in the shop looking for toys, consider the best toys for boys and the best toys for girls.


The toy you choose should also be age-relevant. You don’t expect a 5 months infant to push a toy car or dress a doll. You also don’t expect her to use toys for numeric and alphabets. Just factor in the age of the kid before you buy the toy.


Toys can be dangerous especially if they have loose buttons or fittings or they are made using dangerous materials. For that reason, check to see whether the toy is safe for your child.

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