More people in the US plan to embark on the Great American Road Trip. According to a recent AAA Travel survey, almost 100 million Americans wanted to take a family getaway in 2019. Most of the respondents shared their plans to go on a road trip across the country. Those who planned to go on a joy ride will use an RV for a comfortable getaway. But they also need to bring their regular cars along with their motorhomes to move around their travel destination comfortably.

If you belong to the group of RV campers who opted to travel with their small cars or “toads,” then you need to find a way to tow the other vehicle safely on the road. These choices include using a tow dolly or other paraphernalia to attach the car to the RV.

To have more ideas on how to bring a second car, here are several options that you can choose from for your next road trip.

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Using Four Down Towing System

When using the four down towing method, you need to attach a tow bar to the RV and the other car. Also, use different items to help both cars connect and brake, such as the wiring kit, safety cables, a supplemental braking system, as well as a base plate kit that you must install on the toad. Plenty of RV owners choose this system because it can cater to most types of vehicles. If you want to find out if your everyday car can use this system, you can check the Dinghy Towing Guides.

Using Tow Dollies 

RV owners usually use a tow dolly for front-wheel-drive cars. But they can also use it for rear-wheel-drive vehicles if they will disconnect their transmissions temporarily. Some RV enthusiasts choose to invest in this type of towing system because it requires lesser equipment to connect the two vehicles. It also comes with an attached ramp to make loading less complicated. Most importantly, people choose this type of towing method if their RV will have difficulty pulling the toad’s entire weight while the car hauler is loaded.

If you use a tow dolly for your trip, you must get a separate license for the dolly since there are states in the country that will only let you pass if you have one.

Using Car Hauler/Trailer

If you plan to use a 4-wheel-drive vehicle as your toad, you might need to load it in a trailer to make it easier to pull behind your RV. Also known as car haulers, standard trailers come with two axles to provide stability even without the rails on the edges of the car. If you want to buy a trailer, you must look for something that can accommodate the length of the vehicle. Its axles must also come with at least 3,500 lb. rating. Also, most trailers come with discrete ramps and at least two distinct braking systems. You must secure your car hauler’s license as well.

No matter where you want to bring your RV for your next great road trip adventure, bringing a toad with you could make your journey even more comfortable. It will make it easier for you to move around without breaking camp all the time. It will also let you take a short side trip to a remote location where the roads are too small for a large motorhome. You need to figure out which towing system works for both your car and the RV.

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