The COVID-19 pandemic has been brutal for everyone, not to mention those little ones who have no idea how to comprehend what is happening. Suddenly, everyone is home all day, school visits are less frequent, playdates have stopped, and people walk around wearing a mask. This could all be overwhelming for a child.

If you are still trying to get to grips with the pandemic yourself, that is more than okay. We are all dealing with it in our own ways. However, there are extra steps you can be taking to support your child during this difficult time.

For example, if your early years’ provider has an early years management software, get in touch to ask for resources. Being kept up to date with regards to your child’s wellbeing, the school’s health and safety policies, and any other important information during this time is made easier with software such as this, and you can get the most out of it.

How else can you support your child during the pandemic? Keep on reading for some of our tips.

1. Be Open With Them – Explain What Is Going On (In An Age-Appropriate Manner)

They may be young, but children can sense when things are going on. For this reason, it is essential to be open with them and explain the situation, even if you need to simplify it greatly. The more honest you are with your child, the easier it will be to get them to cooperate with you.

Create a relaxed environment in which your child feels safe and comfortable. This is important if you want them to also open up about how they are feeling. They may not understand their own emotions yet, but children are good at being honest when they are scared or worried. Once you find out what your child is experiencing, moving forward healthily will be easier.

2. Spend Time Playing Positive Games Together

Mindset is everything right now. Children are not that naive that they are blind to the atmosphere at home. If you maintain positive energy around them and encourage fun, positive activities, this will rub off on them and create a safe haven.

Doing activities that involve gratitude, bright colours, animals, and silver linings, amongst others, are good ways to incorporate happy energy into the house. If you join in on the activity with your child too, that will only strengthen that positivity, and they will feel a lot of support.

Covid Pandemic

3. Maintain Your Pre-COVID Routines As Much As Possible

While life has been turned upside down for many, to maintain a sense of normalcy, sticking to a pre-covid routine will be extremely beneficial to you and your little one.

If you cannot maintain your entire previous routine, which is valid for most right now, then including some of the more significant parts will do. This can be waking up and having breakfast at the same time as a family, doing your afternoon activity at the same time every day, or going for your daily walk around the neighbourhood.

Having this reliable sense of familiarity is an integral part of getting through this strange time and will be welcomed by your child.

4. Turn Your Environment Into A Space Of Hope And Optimism

Surrounding yourself with positivity is one way to trick your mind into thinking enthusiastically too. You child will be no different.

As one of your fun activities, making colourful posters around the house can add to the encouraging environment. You can include fun, helpful sayings or quotes, positive pictures, and even drawings of what you will all do once life goes back to normal. A positive environment can also mean limiting exposure to the stressful news to a bare minimum.

If your child knows that there is a light at the end of this darkness, getting through the pandemic will seem somewhat more manageable.

Supporting your child through a time like this may be something you never thought you would have to go through, but while we are here, we must do everything to get through it together. Also, allowing your little one to do things on their own can give them a feeling of accomplishment. Something as small as washing their hands. They will feel a sense of capability, and this can add to their coping mechanisms.

However, you choose to support your child through COVID, remember that they can feel the energy you let off. So, it is vital to look after yourself as well.

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