Shungite is a unique stone and mineral, which is why you need to understand better what does shungite does to water? This amazing mineral has an incredible, truly exclusive ability to purify the lowest – quality water, turning it into drinking water and literally absorbing all the evil and negative impurities- nitrates, heavy metals, various pesticides, fluorine, chlorine. This amazing property of the stone is fully due to the presence of fullerenes in its composition, which provide almost any water with healing, almost magical properties. In our country, the benefits of the mineral were fully realized in the distant 90s, when shungite was simply used to filter water that was exposed to possible contamination.

Similar properties can shungite purify water is shungite is caused by the fact that in the composition of the fullerenes available in it there is a truly huge amount of hydrogen, which contributes to the attraction of negative and toxic additives when this substance is placed in water.

The highest redox ability, as well as antioxidant properties, make the stone a truly real natural wealth, which gives people the opportunity to continue to get a supply of energy, excellent mood, and positive emotions. This source is always open to us, we should only use shungite in the right way.

Shungite is placed in simple filtered water at room temperature, and enriches it with fullerenes, and absorbs impurities. This wonderful mineral is able to resolve the most complex skin and respiratory diseases, including their long-standing types, headaches, unpleasant spasms, pains and contractions of joints, muscles, and difficulties with your digestive system. With such an assistant in everyday Affairs, you will definitely not be afraid of any virus, because shungite will cope with it!

What is shungite?

To better understand the properties of an interesting mineral, you still need to figure out what types of stone mother nature herself offered for this treatment. So, the purest, noble shungite is a mineral, hard, with an interesting metallic luster. It contains 98% carbon but differs from its less aristocratic counterparts due to the presence of some conchoidal fractures that make it’s interior partly purple or bright red. It is found less often in the earth’s soil.

The only mining site in Russia near the village of Shunga has long been overgrown with real legends about this mineral. Another type of stone is called a black mineral that does not have the corresponding inclusions, it has only up to 70% of shungite in its composition, it is more often used for making interesting jewelry. Most of it is nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen.

A very small part of it contains ash. Well, quite degraded shungite is its gray counterpart mineral, which has only 30% carbon and a larger segment consists of silicon dioxide, which gives it an interesting color. We will not dwell on the fact that shungite has several other interesting varieties, but they are a shungite rock and are not often used for medicinal purposes.

How water is made

If you intend to seriously heal with shungite, then you need to know exactly where to buy it. It is better not to make false savings, let the mineral fully meet its qualities! After all, type 1 mineral is ideal for cooking, and the second one will not have a complex effect on the body! After purchase, first, place the shungite in filtered water and then brush it with a toothbrush. Do not use hot water, this is an extreme case if the mineral is very dirty!

Water Purifier

It is best to take a large glass jar, fill it with water, and put elite shungite there, based on the fact that 1 liter of water may require 100 grams of shungite. You don’t need to boil the water, but you need it to be at room temperature. This proportion is relevant if we are talking about premium shungite! You can use water only after 48 hours so that fullerenes can transfer all their healing magical properties to the water! It is recommended to drink from 1 liter of water a day, and then replace the water and insist on it again!

Many people are interested in the question of when it is possible to reject shungite. The answer to this is simple – if within 48-72 hours it has not completely washed off lake sediments, and clean water is still subject to contamination. This must be taken into account, but first clean with an ordinary toothbrush to move on to the next stage!

How much elite shungite is needed to make water

If there is a large capacity, it is best to make shungite water in it. Then, you can set up a new one without any problems. The ideal ratio can be considered a total weight of up to 100 grams per 1 liter of water, to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

Shungite elite stones are the size of groundnuts or hazelnuts, so you can better imagine it. The stones need to be changed, and the rest must be charged in the sun for 1-2 hours in the sun at least once a week so that they receive an influx of solar energy and have excellent properties.

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