Customer churn is a familiar worry for any business owner. Business owners are worried about their bottom lines and how to retain their customer base. They have most likely worked for years attracting a customer base and do not want to lose that base because of issues that they can control. But there is no certain way of avoiding churn in a number of different businesses. Companies simply have to focus on training, research, and marketing tactics if they hope to keep churn as low as possible. 

Review marketing

Marketing is the first step to evaluating whether or not churn is a straightforward problem to solve. Companies have to realize if they are appealing to customers in a way that attracts churn. They may be appealing to a particular group of customers who are only in town for certain weeks or months out of the year. Some companies also focus on customers that are fickle and choose different companies on a whim. Companies need to examine their marketing strategy and review their analytics if possible. They should find out what demographics they are appealing to and focus on one that will reduce churn significantly. This reduction of churn may occur through appealing to an older demographic or one that has been established in a particular place for a long period of time.

customer churn

Social media appeals

Another helpful strategy that a company can use to reduce churn is to focus on the back and forth of social media. Social media helps companies reduce churn by developing a relationship with customers that goes beyond a simple financial transaction. In some instances, individuals stop working with a company because they find a better deal somewhere else or have their finances change. Social media campaigns help companies build a relationship with an individual through feedback, interaction, and humor. Companies want to make their followers and potential customers laugh and interact with their posts.

This interaction serves many purposes. It allows individuals to find out what their customers want and to change their business practices to meet those wants. But by building a personal connection with customers, a company can better withstand the physical changes that often lead to customer churn. Individuals who view companies as their friends will be less likely to ditch those companies if they have troubles with their budget. Companies can also launch polls and questionnaires through social media that allow the company to fix any problems that have arisen before an individual stops doing business with a company.


No company can completely avoid the problem of churn in the 21st century. There is a new competitor opening up in nearly every field on a regular basis. Companies cannot rely on one contract or one group of reliable customers to save them from any financial hardships. Instead, they must remain connected to their customers and find out their needs and wants on a regular basis. Close communication with customers will help aid a marketing project and make an eventual reduction of churn a reality.

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