If you are going on your honeymoon any time soon and you haven’t traveled anywhere in some time, then you might be in for a surprise. Depending upon where you are coming from and where you are going, you will have to meet certain requirements and will need to comply with rules set out by your travel company and resort. Your travel and accommodation plans will be slightly different than usual so,  it’s best to be prepared and aware, as best you can be;


First of all, where you travel from may have an impact so you’ll want to check with your local governing body or council, for example, if you are planning to visit a beautiful honeymoon destination in New South Wales and, are coming from outside of Australia you may need to have a certain number of vaccines and or tests prior to leaving. Bear in mind that in some countries, if you display positive signs of illness, then you may need to be put into quarantine for a set amount of time before you can travel, the same could be said for when you arrive too.

It does put a bit of a spanner in the works in terms of planning but, it is what it is and the best you can do is to make your plans in the best possible mindset, one that encourages you to have a good time and promotes a positive outcome. Having said that, you will also want to be prepared for the worst because, if you don’t, it could make the whole experience a real bummer, one to remember forever, for the wrong reasons.

It is very difficult to say what requirements your particular area or country need from you when it comes to travel, it’s such a broad area of discussion certainly considering that there will be certain cases whereby there are exemptions so it can’t be stressed enough, check with your local governing body or embassy to find out the facts before you make any kind of plans.


Another aspect that you must take into consideration prior to booking anywhere will be the travel restrictions and or the entry requirements of the venue you are thinking of staying at. Google or Facebook would be good places to start as, again, this is a massive area of discussion, and each and every venue will have slightly different requirements. However, as a rough guide, let’s assume that you traveling somewhere like Yamba, NSW, Australia, here are some of the conditions of entry you should expect to see;

Conditions of entry

Signature of acceptance – Prior to accessing your accommodation you will need to sign to say that you agree with the ‘Conditions of entry’ which have been set out by the NSW Public Health Order to increase safety. It might not mention this but, also be aware that those conditions can change overnight and you would have to be prepared to adapt to them.

Honeymoon despite

Guests will be required to provide their name and phone number/email on entry, they may be refused entry if they display signs of illness, additionally, they may be requested to leave should they display signs of illness after entry. You will be expected to be seated whilst consuming liquor and adhere to social distancing rules whilst you stay, this includes entrance and exit points although they will be marked clearly with adequate signage.

Guests must also comply with any request to relocate due to reduced staffing in certain areas should anyone be required to take leave and, as you’d expect guests are asked to comply with reasonable directions from staff but, that’s pretty normal anyhow. When you arrive in Australia, you should consider downloading the Covid-Safe App, if you already live in Australia then you should already have the app. Finally, you must adhere to a maximum number of ten persons per table.

What’s on offer?

You’ve probably heard enough about what you have to do, but what about what’s in it for you? The whole point is that you’re supposed to be going on your honeymoon! Assuming you can accept and follow the above rules then you’ll love what lies in store, you can choose from a 1 bedroom apartment with a self-contained kitchenette area or a 2-bed villa that has all the modern luxuries you’d expect, including washing facilities!

You could even have your wedding at some venues and keep everything under one roof whilst having the beauty of a coastal resort that has numerous activities and local amenities to take advantage of, all you’d have to do is to turn up and enjoy your stay, for as long as you’d like to, who knows, you could use your honeymoon as a chance to have a real getaway and travel to a few venues, the great thing is, at this point in time, the choice is yours.

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