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Welcome to this class 2 of the digital marketing internship program by digital Deepak. Our Class 2 Internship program is all about Create your ideal customer avatar. Here, I will share my internship experience with you. As Usual, the class started at 9.05 pm on 24th December.  Deepak Kanakaraju Discussed the last assignment completion rate and payment processing method.  He shared the link of the facebook group and telegram group, which was created for the interns. Due to the Very high Completion rate of assignment Deepak and his team Pixel track working hard to offer rating and feedback to each assignment.

The class starts from quotes ‘Distraction is more harmful to the brain than drugs’. Deepak explains here focus on the class and stay away from the distractions.

Marketing is an Art:


Here, Deepak explains about something really important. Marketing is about good conversations. If you cannot converse well 1:1, you cannot converse well 1: many. We need to develop the ability to converse well at 1:1 level, then we are trying to converse 1: many.

Be Authentic to communicate better

He also explains about ‘Authentic Communication.’ This Communication plays an important role when organizations communicate important changes initiatives, or at an individual level.

Who Becomes Better Marketer?

People with a lot of life experience are better marketers. He suggested going with solo travel because it is best to discover yourself, start thinking about a lot, learn new languages and new skills all the time. If we involve our life experiences in the conversation with our audience then the trust will improve our audience.

E.g If you have stage fear go head in public speaking and try to communicate.

How to Define Your Target Customer?

Target Customer

Defining your target customer is one of the marketer’s most important tasks. It’s the foundation of all elements of your marketing strategy; we need to identify detail information about our targeted customer.

Here the terms to identify the target customer.

Demographics-It defines the Name, age, location, gender, etc.

Psychographics– Interest, lifestyle, Personality, etc.

Every audience has a conversation in their minds about their needs and solutions. If your conversation joins your audience than you are a good marketer. Emailing and Messaging is more powerful than public post social media.

If You Communicate better please follow the below points:

  • Addressing people by their first name.
  • Write emails like your writing to your friend (Eg. How do I grow my digital marketing career?)
  • Email Marketing is the best way to communicate with your audience.
  • Defining the target audience, Interactions, calls, surveys, etc.

Focus on the center, not on the border; As you move away from the centre, it will dilute and it’s ok.

He started to explain the customer’s avatar. He gives a live example of a customer avatar by asking us to fill out the survey and to publish the results.

Graduation Party-

After the internship completion, he said that the party will be arranged along with graduation and they give a certificate too.

Then we get our second week of assignment: How to Create Customer Avatar.

What I will get benefited from the survey?

The survey is a great way to reach and engage with your target audience. It gives the detail information about a customer, increase the response rate, conduct market research and give real-time results for quick and easy analysis. I have got all the information about my customers:

Example of Customer Avatar:




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