Today’s world is full of distractions that have led family members to become a separate entity. Most families are into watching movies and playing digital table games.However, these things cannot make families feel connected the same way table games are able to.Below are ways on how table games can bring family members closer.

 1. They create bonding time with the family

Unfortunately, most individuals do not have quality time with their families because of their busy lifestyle. Not forgetting technology which has taken the attention of both kids and their parents.

In a world full of distractions, table games are a great way to get rid of the screen time and enjoy quality time with your family. You can set aside time once a week to sit down with your family and enjoy one another’s company as you play your favorite table games.

Through games, family members are able to communicate more effectively and solve problems. In fact, games are great icebreakers since family members who have not spoken for a while are able to gather around a table for a common cause.  It’s a great opportunity for everyone to laugh, learn and share memorable and engaging experiences.

2. They are fun to play

Playing tables can really be fun, especially when you are doing it with members of your family. Research has shown that most table games make you laugh and learn together, and this is important in order to build strong family relations.

Table Games

3. They can be played by anybody anytime

Think about it. Table games such as air hockey pucks can be played by anybody regardless of the age, gender or physical ability. All you have to do is grab your family and some paddles, gather around a table and have some fun. Just imagine seeing grandparents and kids compete as you share memorable experiences.

4. They help develop social and mental skills for kids

Various researches have shown that playing games can help develop the mental dexterity skill for kids and make them good students. In addition to education skills, table games can also teach children important social skills like how to interact with others, communicate verbally, follow rules, take turns, and handle cases where they don’t win.

Table games can also teach children how to handle conflicts in real life and how to stay humble despite winning. All these skills will help them interact well with other family members and build good relationships.

Additionally, parents can also benefit from tables games just as much as children. Games provide an opportunity where they can learn more about their kids from the interaction that comes with playing table games. This, in turn, helps them improve their relationship with their kids.

5. They are good for your health

Not only are table games fun and easy to play, but they are also a great way to burn extra calories and stay healthy. A game like air hockey pucks is a fun family activity that you can enjoy with your family members while staying healthy at the same time. This is because table games like table tennis help improve one’s reflexes and muscle development.

Table tennis has also been found effective in the recovery of twisted ankles and back problems as it improves the leg, arm and core strength.

6. They help build self-esteem

Participating in table games with your family can offer a sense of challenge and promote self-efficacy in your children. Each time they play table games, their confidence and self-esteem builds up.

7. They promote resilience

Apart from promoting cohesion in the family, tables games help increase resilience in a child’s life. This is especially the case when they play cooperative rather than competitive games. Cooperative games allow kids to work with others rather than compete to win. The games also encourage input from each family member including children.


The fact of how table games can bring family members closer is true. There is no doubt that table games can bring us back to the physical world and promote cohesion in families. Unfortunately, technology has killed personal interaction between family members. Luckily, you can take some time off and play table games with your family as you create lasting memories.

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