Mercedes GLC 63 S Coupe has received AMG treatment and becomes a bonafide ultra-performance SUV

The all new Mercedes AMG GLC63 S coupe is an ultra-high performance AMG SUV. It has been designed as a family hauler backed by a powerful Mercedes engine leading from the front. It is a loud mouth brute with luxurious styling and a complex body suit. After around 20 years of manufacturing muscle cars like Mercedes M Class, G Class, and GLE Class vehicles, the line of disappointed oafs stretching back to the ML55 introduced in 1999. It is the first time when Mercedes has introduced its GLC 63 S AMG family SUV. Before the AMG GLC63 S, almost all SUVs were straight line explosive but worth nothing in a family setup.

The new AMG SUV is focusing on being a family hauler as well and it is also evidencing the middle model of an SUV and a sports family saloon. It is an SUV when hauling a family and a sports saloon when cruising on the motorway until barely discern the difference. But when it comes to the performance of these two said categories, an SUV or a Sports Saloon, there is no difference at all, it is an ultra-high performance version.

The AMG Bi Turbo V8 engine

Once, Mercedes allows the AMG division to plunge into the GLC63 S, the AMG division has fitted the model with its ultra-powered AMG Biturbo V8 engine to make the GLC63 S a real muscle. It lefts the riders to wrestle with the results. After all, it is a muscular 4.0 litre V8 AMG engine, powered by an AMG technology and treated to give a seismic sound on the go. The soundtrack is very similar to the AMG GT Sport car soundtrack and it also adopts the GT pan Americana grille.


The all new GLC63 S Coupe gets a number of mechanical treats from the 603hp E63 S saloon models to make the vehicle even more muscular and ultra-luxurious. The nine speed automatic transmission names Bravura speed shift MCT has been introduced on the GLC63 S coupe models and it is being offered a wet start clutch for the first time. There is no torque converter at all, the 4Matic all-wheel drive system has been exclusively tuned by the AMG division. It is a programmable Adaptive damping system with multiple air spring chambers. Add in larger brakes to handle the speed and torque coming from the V8 engine. There are extra transmission oil coolers added to reduce the oil temperature. Steering knuckles are also revised according to the suspension hardware. Due to its high sale, Mercedes reconditioned engines are also in daily demands

The Mercedes AMG GLC63 S competition

The AMG GLC63 S is ready to battle with the world’s most renowned SUV around where bigger names are Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio and the British local make Jaguar F Pace SVR, Porsche Macan turbo, BMW X6 M and Audi SQ5. Here is a great point to note that the Mercedes AMG GLC63 S is faster than the majority of said SUVs in the UK. It also offers a sheer road grip as compared to all these listed competitors, so according to the experts, there would be an easy playing field ready for the new AMG GLC63 S in the UK.

Riding a 4500lbs SUV

The Mercedes V8 engine growls enticingly upon pressing the start button, and it turned the traffic around into dust upon pushing the throttle. The Mercedes AMG GLC63 S Coupe is a 4500lbs weighing SUV with more luggage space in the boot area, oil coolers for better performance, food and wine coolers and grocery cabins inside give the SUV an enticing standing in the market than a comparable saloon.


The entire engine has been hand assembled by an AMG expert and it has a hot inner V turbo to crank more than 500 horsepower and a hefty torque of 515 lb-ft. the non-S GLC63 Coupe cranks 469 horsepower and a torque of 479 lb-ft. a standard version of the GLC63 Coupe offers a traditional square roof and 469hp of power. The AMG GLC63 S takes 3.3 seconds to get its 0 to 62 miles per hour while the all other trims take just under 4 seconds to reach the 62 miles per hour speed.

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