It is quite obvious (as many research studies reveal and show) that reading to your children is essential for their minds to grow. However, did you know that toddlers, as well as pre-schoolers who are read to on a consistent basis, have significant advantages and benefits over children who were never read to?

Reading has the uncanny ability to enhance a child’s vocabulary, as well as help them to understand better how to read and write. Reading also has the additional benefit of increasing a child’s imagination.

Reading aloud to children helps them to better understand the many different topics in the world and everyday life. In a sense, it gives them different perspectives on life. The importance of reading should not be, and it is of great importance to read to young children.

In this article, we will discuss and go over some benefits as well as some advantages that highlight the importance of reading personalized children’s books.

6 Reasons To Read To Your Children With Personalized Children’s Books

1. Reading To Your Young Child Will Set Them Up To Succeed Later On

The more time you spend reading to your child, the more information and knowledge they will be able to absorb; and as we know, knowledge is essential in all areas of life. There have been many research cases as well as studies that show that reading to babies as well as toddlers can give them a leg up on other kids.  Reading to your kids early on also helps them to prepare for school later down the line.

Children who enjoy reading, and enjoy being read to, not only do much better in understanding language as well as literacy subjects, but they also do much better in different subjects as well.

2. Reading Can Help To Develop Language Skills

Though you may speak with your child every day, the vocabulary that you may be using can often time be minimal as well as repetitive. Having a rich and diverse vocabulary is excellent on many levels as it boosts your child’s vocabulary and also helps them to be able to formulate their ideas better.

Reading books helps to ensure that your child will be exposed to new vocabulary and on different topics. What this means is that they will hear new words or new phrases which they may not, previously, have heard of before. The more words a child knows, the better.

Being able to vocalize your thoughts or write down your thoughts in a way that other people can understand is a skill that desperately needs to be taught and cultivated in children across the world.

New ideas are made every day but very few are ever vocalized or written, and this is because of the limited vocabulary that people have.


3. Exposure To Reading Helps To Exercises Your Child’s Brain

Reading to your young children has a positive effect on their brain activity. It has been shown that reading helps to boost cognitive abilities as well as support and promote your child’s early reading skills.

Many research discoveries show that some regions of the brain are affected (in a positive way) when a young child has been read to at home at an early age. These areas are extremely critical for a child’s language development.

More importantly, the need to nourish the brain and exercise the grain not only prevents it from suffering from brain diseases, but it also helps to strengthen and unlock more potential in your child. The brain much like the body needs to be exercised on a consistent basis.

4. Reading Helps To Enhances A Child’s Concentration

This current generation of people has slowly been denigrating in the realm and area of concentration. Moreover, while you may think it can be a bit useless to read to a toddler, especially when they don’t understand (or it seems like they don’t understand) reading to your little one is exceptionally beneficial at that age.

By reading to your young child every day, your child will then learn how to concentrate as well as sit still for more extended periods of time. They not only learn how to focus but they also learn how to develop some discipline, and this can help them later on when they go to school.

5. Reading Together With Your Child Encourages A Thirst For Knowledge

Never get mad at your kids for the asking…” why”? To be inquisitive is a trait that society seems to beat out of children at a very young age. We want kids and people to be agreeable, and although this can have a positive impact in the early stages of their development for later stages in life, this can be quite damaging to them.

When you read to your child, and the reading seems to leads to questions about the book as well as the information within it, celebrate.


Because it shows that they are paying attention and that they are interested in a new idea and perspective.  This offers you a chance to speak to your child about what is happening as well as use this unique experience to show them more about the world and maybe themselves.

Reading may also spark an interest in your child’s mind about different cultures and languages. There is nothing better than to see a child who loves to learn.

6. Reading Books Can Help Children To Develop Empathy

Lastly, and perhaps one of the most significant benefits that reading does for a child is to help to cultivate empathy. When a child can place themselves into a story, this is monumental as it helps them to develop understanding.

When a child can identify with characters, as well as feel what those characters are going through; that is groundbreaking.

Children need to understand that the world around them is not an extension of them and that other people have their feelings and thoughts as well.

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