Most of us have friends who are adored for their language skills. We often wonder how they do it. Some of us may have strong language skills yet are unable to express ourselves clearly and efficiently. English is now the most preferred communication in business and personal space. However, there are some who carry fluency in the language, but some don’t. If you belong to the second category, there are some simple approaches to remove the hesitation.

Here are 5 simple steps that will not only remove your hesitation towards the language but also give you the confidence of a fluent speaker. Let’s get started!


Do you want to the secret behind people with the strongest language skills, whether written or spoken? Well, let us reveal the secret to you. Their secret powerful tool is a book.

 Yes, it is a book. Most of the profound speakers are actually avid readers. Reading not only helps you to concentrate but also introduces you to new words. So go grab a good book and remember to keep the dictionary handy!  Along with books, also read newspapers and magazine to find new vocabulary and sentence formation idea.


Well, do you remember the last time you wrote, except for some quirky WhatsApp messages or short mails? Writing is another powerful tool to help one improve language skills. While writing we learn to organize our thoughts into a string of words to form sentences. By doing more and more of it you learn to have the right words to describe the right feeling. With this done you won’t have to press your brain for words or fumble the next time you speak.



Well, this is important. Not all people who are extremely fluent with their skills are equally profound orators. The reason? Hesitation and inadequate self-confidence.

One is always afraid of what other people will think and perceive him when he talks. This fear is what pushes them backward. Well, let’s drop it! Stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself. You can talk about anything and everything as long as you are loud enough for every corner of your house to hear. Feel free and speak out. This will not only help you to zero out on the areas where you may be lacking but also instill a generous amount of self-confidence in you.


Well who doesn’t make mistakes? We are humans and flaws are an integral part of our nature. Therefore, don’t shy away from conversations or refrain from joining them. Be brave and start one. Remember only by making mistakes, one realizes where one lacks and is able to correct them.


While God helps those who help themselves, technology helps all. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the market is flooded with tools in the form of apps and software’s that have features to improve your skills in various ways. Some of them help you to improve your vocabulary, while others make you learn about the basics of grammar. There are artificial intelligence apps as well which can be spoken to.

Also, there is much software available on the web who act as grammar Nazis and not only point out the mistakes which you must have made while writing the language but also suggests ways to correct and improve. In fact, there are English speaking classes online that offer complete training virtually. So you don’t have to spend time at classes practically.

Now, you must have learned How to Speak Fluent English without Hesitation.

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