American football is one of the popular sports in the United States and the country’s favorite past time. A lot of people engage in the sport for fitness and recreational purposes. In this article, you’ll know how you can lose weight playing football.

Playing Football and Losing Weight

Playing football is a fun activity, but it also provides a lot of positive benefits to you as a person. By regularly playing the sport, it will have a great impact on your body, particularly on your weight. The different movements and intensity in playing the game provide a good exercise that is good for your body.

  • Playing the game provides a high-intensity workout

The movements and the intensity involved in the game will provide a good workout to the person playing the sport. Twisting, kicking, turning, and throwing are just some of the movements that will give your body a good exercise.

  • The game is a nice form of cardio exercise

Playing football requires a lot of running, jumping, and changing pace and direction. Thus, the sport is an exceptional form of cardio exercise.

  • Football game also imitates interval training

The game is a combination of slow and fast movements. There are also times that you have to do a burst of sprinting. This kind of in-game action will make the heart work on different paces that resemble interval training.

It should be noted that interval training offers an effective way of controlling your body fats. A lot of people also use this kind of training to increase their overall fitness.

  • Football game training will also help you lose weight

Before you wear your football kneepads and helmet, you need to undergo training and practice to prepare your body. Football training involves calisthenics and weights, polymeric drills, sprints, agility drills using tires and ladders and many more. This entire training regimen will help your body to be in shape and lose weight.

  • Football players also engage in proper diet

If a football player carries excess weight, it will slow him down and impair his game. That is why professional football players also need a good diet to achieve weight loss and maintain the muscle mass.

It is the same for recreational players as you need a good diet to achieve weight loss that will help you be in tip-top shape.

Playing Football

Other Benefits of Playing Football

Playing football is a way to improve one’s health and fitness. It will help you lose weight, but there are also other benefits that you can get while playing the sport.

  • Football is a form of stress reliever

The constant movement and adrenaline rush while playing the sport will help in releasing the stress. This will greatly affect the player outside the football field as it provides calmness and protection from depression.

  • It is good for mental health

The people that are suffering from anxiety and depression can use this sport to combat the sickness. Playing football is a good way to release endorphins that can stabilize the mood of a person. Playing the sport can also promote social interaction with other people which is good for mental health.

  • Playing football teaches discipline

Constant repetition of training, reacting to game situations, and taking care of the body will develop the player’s discipline and control. Good habits, if developed, can also help the person in other aspects outside the football field.

  • Football teaches teamwork

Like any other team sport, football teaches a person to be selfless once inside the field. The player will cooperate with his teammates, listen to the coach’s instruction, and follow the game plan. Selflessness, teamwork, and cooperation will be developed once you play the sport of football.


And that’s how you can lose weight playing football. By playing the sport, it will give you a nice workout and a good cardio exercise. Also, by eating right and attending regular training, you can shed the extra pounds from your body.

There are also other benefits one can get from the sport. Playing the game of football can also do well to mental health and teach good habits such as discipline and teamwork. These good habits can help the person in facing the realities of life.

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