Local authorities and business owners must ensure that their environment and space are safe for the public. Unfortunately, some organizations do not always comply with the regulations and laws in place to keep us safe in the HOUSTON.

Our experienced houston personal injury attorney can claim damages on your behalf. if you had an accident and were injured while in:

  • Store
  • The street
  • Supermarket
  • a public institution, or

any other spaces you visit.

Our qualified lawyers will work closely with you to give you tips on the best course of action tailored to the individual circumstances of your accident.


What types of accidents in public places can lead to the claim for damages?

The most common types of accidents that occur in public spaces are landslides, obstructions, and falls. These often happen as a result of uneven roads, falling or driving into a pit or slipping on wet floors in supermarkets, shops, cafes, restaurants, or public institutions.

Other circumstances that lead to accidents in public places may arise from (but are not limited to):

falling off the stairs

falling objects (eg, objects falling off scaffolding)

use of faulty equipment such as broken doors or children’s play equipment

What to do if you have an accident in a public space

Write down where the accident happened

Collect evidence at the accident site – measure any defects (ie, road pits, etc.) and take clear pictures

Report the incident and make sure it is recorded correctly in an accident log

Take the details of any witness (name, contact number and mailing address)

Go to your family doctor and hospital

Write down all the symptoms in the journal

Keep track of expenses and other financial losses

Contact a lawyer

Fee structure of Lawyer:

When choosing a lawyer, choose the lawyer who offers you a transparent pricing structure. Some lawyers will not charge you until they win the lawsuit or get a settlement for you. This kind of arrangement is called a contingency fee agreement.

Each agreement is different from lawyer to lawyer, so make sure you get the best deal available for your situation. Remember that cheaper is not always better.

Most Houston personal injury attorneys will also be ready to provide an initial free consultation. Take advantage of this service to see if this lawyer and their approach is right for you.

Contact Us

Our team of lawyers at Zehl & Associates with experience in personal injury are available anytime to explain clearly the complicated procedure for claiming accidents that have taken place in a public place. Contact us today to initiate your application.

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