Did you know the kind of blinds you choose to influence the type of indoor environment you want to achieve? It can make or break your décor setting. In as much as these blinds are ideally designed to provide some unique privacy as wells as add a modern look and feel that meets your lifestyle preferences. The blinds also are tasked with managing the amount of light and heat entering a room.

So, what the top aspects to consider when picking the best window blinds in Houston to use in your home? Below are a few considerations to keep in mind:

1. Practicality

The first function of the blinds is to serve as a safety barrier. It prevents people from peering and seeing your indoors. The other role is that of making a room less audible to external noises. And then the blind are also designed to help with thermoregulation of the indoor temperatures. Therefore, you need to consider how sealed your room or premises are when choosing the blinds.

2. Right Blind For Right Space

You need to have the exact measurements when buying the blinds. If you know of a manufacturer that makes custom blinds, then give your measurement and design specifications to get precisely what you want. Moreover, these manufacturers can come to your house, take measurements and show you a catalog of materials and fabrics to pick from; they can even suggest the most suitable décor style based on your space and décor.

Décor Preference

Types Of Blinds

  • PVC Blinds

The blinds are made from polyvinyl chloride, hence the name. They can have horizontal or vertical running slates that are strung together by a string or cord. The blinds are fixed on the upper section of the windows and are popular for home and office use. People also like them because they are affordable, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. Another reason is the PVC blinds are cheaper than drapes.

Since they are made from PVC, these blinds are viewed as the most economical choice. The material has excellent dust resistance and can last long. Moreover, they have a hermetic closing that gives them splendid acoustic isolation and thermal qualities.

  • Wooden Blinds

With wooden blinds are a fantastic choice if you are going for style and insulation. However, they need some substantial maintenance. For instance, you should paint them to keep them from deteriorating due to the effect of indoor humidity. Furthermore, they can be targeted by termites and wood-burrowing bugs.

Other than those drawbacks, these blinds are highly durable and sturdy. They are incredibly lightweight, especially if you consider the material used to make them. And since they are made from timber, these blinds tend to exude a sense of elegance and luxurious style in a room compared to the plastic one the cheapen the décor.

The slats for the wooden blinds are operated using a corded pulley that will pull and gather them at the top of the window or angle them to allow in light while preserving some level of privacy. They are available in vertical or horizontal running slats and come in an array of sizes and finishes. If you are thinking of something that adds a touch of chic, rustic, styling to your indoor décor, then you can consider these blinds. Pinoleum blinds will be an excellent choice. You, however, will have to dig a bit deeper into your pockets for these blind when compared to their plastic counterparts.

  • Aluminum Blinds

With the aluminum blinds, you get top security, insulation, and ease of maintenance. But on the other hand, you will have to spend a bit on these blinds. Even then, what you are buying will be a guarantee of quality and durability. The aluminum blinds are a popular choice in the corporate setting for many businesses.

Aluminum is a strong, light metal that can be done in an array of colors and finishes that include pearl, matte, and gloss. These metallic slats are thin and can flex without breaking; that and their ease of maintenance are why aluminum blinds are perfect for the office and modern styling.

The slats for the aluminum blinds have a thickness gauge of 6, 8, and 9. The high gauge means that a particular set of blinds is more durable than the rest. You will have blinds that are more energy-efficient than the PVC blinds.  Also, the glossy aluminum blinds have excellent reflective properties that will help keep out the sun’s rays during the summer months.

  • Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds bring in a different way of how we use window treatments. The blinds are the best choice if you want something that influences the indoor temperatures and décor temperament. The Venetian blinds can be made from metal (aluminum), wood, or PVC.

Many of the wooden blinds in the market today have the Venetian make. That is why these blinds are pricier than most window drapes and curtains. The wooden Venetian blinds have low maintenance, last longer, and offer exceptional light control.

The blinds are designed to provide better light management since the slates are meant to raise in an angled setting so allow light and maintain the utmost privacy. And those made from wood are a top preference for many homes. When pulled-shut, the Venetian blinds will block out the light and even prevent the sun’s heat from entering the room during the day, making them an ideal choice if you take a break from work to get some shut-eye during the day.

At Houston Window Coverings, you will find a wide range for window treatments. We have experienced professionals who are vastly knowledgeable about the window treatments and will give suitable recommendations based on your needs and preferences. Call us today and find out more about our products.

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