The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) covers some specific expenses that would help people with disabilities or special needs in their daily lives. However, the program’s inclusions only aim to pay for reasonable purchases and not those that a person without special needs would regularly incur, regardless of its helpfulness. Fortunately, NDIS thinks it’s valid for a participant to make use of their funds to achieve their health and fitness goals

First, one must understand the entirety of their NDIS budgets. An NDIS support coordination provider will help you understand your plan, assist with your capacity for independence, and identify the right services that align with your goals. This professional support would include better education regarding possible recreation and fitness programs for you to take. We list some of the essential things you need to know.

Does NDIS Cover Gym Membership?

While it is supportive of a participant’s fitness goals, NDIS won’t cover gym memberships. The program would be happy to pay personal trainers who can provide a more tailored approach to a participant’s physical activity requirements. Also, NDIS fitness trainers yield better results than signing up and going to the gym daily.

Fitness Goal

Would NDIS Pay For Gym Equipment?

Gym equipment units that are not suitable for a person with special needs are automatically out of allowable expenses. The program would cover only those recommended by an allied health professional or therapist attending to a participant’s needs. A patient can use their NDIS funds to pay for a prescribed item’s rental cost or purchase it if they have enough balance in their fund. With all of the above, the scheme’s participants can only use their NDIS funds of services and purchases related to their disability and declared goals according to their NDIS plan.

Other Fitness Expenses That Would Be Covered

The capacity building budget of the NDIS scheme would allow you to pay for the fees of a health adviser. If you need nutritional guidance or physical therapy advice, trust that it will be entirely compensated. Other programs covered by the funds are weight loss plans, health & lifestyle education, and other physiology services.


On the other hand, the capital supports budget would cover higher-cost equipment, particularly assistive technology. Some of these are devices for mobility like prosthetic limbs, communication like hearing aid, personal care items, and recreational inclusion such as wheelchairs. The same section covers the cost of vehicle modification, though it requires a professional AT assessor’s recommendation.

Why Avail An NDIS Support Coordination?

Do you know the right fitness items you can buy with your NDIS funds? Are you aware of your other entitlements, what do they include, and how to get them? Sadly, most participants have little knowledge of their NDIS coverage and how to maximize its use. This situation is where an NDIS support coordination provider would be helpful. 

By availing of this service, experts would further explain about NDIS budgets, connect you with local supports, understand your goals, and craft a tailored plan based on your specific needs.

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