Do you want to know how to stay fit while camping? Worry no more because we are here to help you.

Your next camping spree does not have to be about gobbling marshmallows, sitting around the campfire, grilling food and drinking beer you can take your fitness routine with you to the great outdoors.

Even though a night or two on the campsite might not impose damage on your figure, one week or more may cause undesirable side effects especially if you are not prepared.

Nevertheless, here is a comprehensive guide on how to stay fit while you’re on camping.

Tips on How to Stay Fit While Camping

  • Look For Areas That Have Plenty of Hiking Trails and Space

Looking for areas with lots of spaces is an important task that you need if you want to have healthy camping.

If there is enough space where you can perform various outdoor activities, you will be able to avoid sitting in your campground all day long which is not good if you want to stay fit.

  • Eat Healthy Foods

Exercise is useless if you’re overeating unhealthy foods. During your camping, make sure to pack healthy foods such as vegetables and fresh fruits.

You can also bring low-fat cheese, lean meats, eggs, muffins, brown rice, pasta, and whole-grain bread.

For a perfect snack, you can make a trail mix that consists of cereals (low sugar), nuts, and dried fruits, as it offers you quick energy and protein.

  • Stay Hydrated

If you are under the sun moving around and sweating, staying hydrated is very important. Thus, if you are going on a hike, make sure to bring sufficient water and store it your hydration bladders – click here to learn more.

This water storage, on the other hand, will allow you to drink whenever you want without using your hands. Also, it will keep water from becoming warm or freezing.

  • Track Your Eating and Fitness Goals Using Free Apps

If you’re a type of person, who eats healthy and stays fit when at home, you do not have to stop doing these things while you are on a camping trip.

You can utilize a free application to record your exercise and eating habits.

  • Look After for Yourself

This tip doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to hunt for food, though some campsites allow you to go fishing.

Nevertheless, here some of the easiest and simplest ways that you can do stay fit at your campsite:

  1. Bring large blocks of wood and chop them instead of purchasing pre-chopped With this task, you will be able to work your muscles even though you’re away from your home.
  2. Most campsites have trash services that collect your garbage to the nearby dumpster. Since you want to stay fit, why not bring them yourself.

What Essential Do You Need To Have To Stay Healthy While Camping?

  • Healthy Foods
  • Trail Snacks
  • Hydration Bladder
  • Yoga Mat
  • Sleeping bag or Camping Tent
  • First Aid Kit
  • Water

Workout You Can Do To Stay Fit and Healthy While Camping

  • Pull-Ups (Tree Branch)

Look for a tree branch that roughly mimics a pull-up bar’s height, thickness, and strength. Reach up and grasp the tree branch, with your palms fronting distant from you.

After which, bend your elbows slowly to tweak your body ‘til your chin is level with the tree limb. Make sure to keep your abdominals engaged and body straight, then repeat the movement several times.

This camping workout will strengthen your upper body, specifically arm and back muscles.

  • Running or walking trails

Before your camping trip, you search for local running paths and hiking trails where you can perform your daily cardio exercise while enjoying natural and breathtaking outlooks.

However, if the terrain is rugged jogging isn’t possible, better yet can try an on the spot running drill.

This workout can strengthen muscles and burn lots of calories. Plus, you’ll be able to build stronger muscles.

  • Sit-ups

It is not too often that sit-up exercise comes with sparkling night sky sights. Thus you may want to take advantage of it.

Look for a flat surface and then lay down your back with your feet flat on the surface and knees bent.

Place your hands behind your ears and lift your shoulder vanes off the floor and support your neck and head with your hands. Then pull your jaw to your knees not more than thirty degrees.

After which, gently relief back to a lying down position, then repeat it for a couple of times.

Either way, this exercise will strengthen core muscles from the sternum and pelvis.

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