Are you and your family looking for something different for your vacation this year?

A survey in 2022 showed that 80% of Americans wanted to travel in 2023! If you’re among them, we can’t blame you. We’ve had a hectic few years and now we want to go on an exciting adventure.

If you’re looking to do something different this year, you might want to consider buying an RV. If you’ve wanted to purchase an RV for your next family holiday, this guide will tell you why you should go full speed ahead!

Here’s what you must know:

1. There’s a Lot of Variety

Before you fret about whether you need a new RV or a used RV, you want to know that there are many classes of RVs. 

When you take an RV vacation, you have to consider your group and goals. If you’re a small family, then you’ll often find that a Class B RV is sufficient. It’s big enough to be spacious, but small enough to be maneuverable.

There are also Class A models which are larger RVs. This is great if you have a big family and are planning a longer family holiday. Make sure you test out different varieties before you decide what RV is best for you.

By looking at these varieties, you’ll soon see the possibilities of an RV family holiday. RVs are great for a weekend at your local campground. They’re also great for a cross-country trip that’ll take a few weeks!

You can get more information online on these different RV models.

2. It’s Often More Affordable

While an RV family holiday isn’t always cheap, it’s often more affordable than traditional holidays.

Let’s say you want to take your family to Yellowstone National Park. There are many beautiful cabins in the park where you can stay. Or there are nearby hotels if you prefer.

But whatever your preference, both of these options will cut into your budget. The best option is going in your RV. You’ll have the comforts of a hotel and you can choose where to stay.

If you prefer cabins, then you can park your RV within national parks and campgrounds. If you prefer hotels, you’ll find a parking lot nearby where you can hitch up with your RV.

While you’ll have to pay for gas, it’s often much cheaper than hiring a private car. It’ll take you longer to drive than fly, but the money you save will be worth the journey.

3. Pack as You Please

Picture this: you’re a minimalist. But your partner is packing so much you’d think you’re moving rather than traveling!

One kid just wants their small bag and toys. But then Junior seems to have an arsenal of supplies that absolutely must be taken on the trip.

You can just imagine the stress you’ll have at baggage claim. Or you can avoid this stress altogether. One of the major benefits of buying an RV is that you don’t have to pack light if you don’t want to.

RVs are made for storing lots of baggage. Even if you opt for a Class B model, you’ll still find ample space to pack several suitcases.

4. Travel Freedom

While traveling gives us a sense of freedom, it often comes with many obligations. Sometimes, these obligations can become so stressful that our holiday no longer feels like “time off!”

But with an RV, you’ll get a lot more travel freedom. You can choose when to drive and when to set up camp. If you’d like to spend an extra day at the campground, you’ll just need to pay extra. You don’t have to worry about checking out by 11 AM.

You don’t have to worry about getting to the airport at 8 AM for a flight at 12 PM! You can choose when you want to leave and how long you want your commute to be.

That’s one of the reasons why RVs have become popular for vacationing and even living. If you want to enjoy a family holiday at your own pace, then an RV might be the best choice.

5. You Decide What’s on the Menu

One great thing about traditional family holidays is the free breakfast you’ll get at the resort. Until you realize that the eggs are always cold and the bacon is always stale.

The best way to enjoy great meals on vacation is to cook them yourself. This is the flexibility you’ll get when you opt for an RV vacation. All RVs come with built in-kitchens and ample space for groceries.

This is important when you’re traveling with kids. You want to ensure that they eat healthily during their vacation. When you decide what’s on the menu, you’ve got full control of their diet.

This alone has become one of the most appealing factors for families making the switch to RV holidays.

6. Socialize as You Wish

There are some family holidays where you want to meet others. You might want your kids to make new friends during their vacation.

Then there are other vacations where you want to be left alone. You just want to be with your family and no one else.

When you choose an RV vacation, you can socialize as you wish. You can use your RV to interact with other RV travelers. There are campgrounds where several RVs will park for days.

This is a great choice if you want to socialize a lot on your vacation. But if you prefer to be alone, there are places where you can park away from others. Generally speaking, RV enthusiasts respect each others’ privacy.

If your family spends a lot of time in the RV, others will get the message that you want quality time with them.

One reason why RV travel became popular during the pandemic was that it allowed for social distancing. You can completely avoid others or communicate with them from the safety of your RV.

You get to control what type of vacation you want. One can only expect that RV travel will become even more popular due to this flexibility.

7. Work and Travel

Let’s face it: one of the reasons why so many Americans don’t take family holidays is due to work. You’re probably always busy with your job and seldom get time off.

If you can’t get time off work, then you can take your work with you. If you can work remotely, then an RV family holiday is perfect. RVs can have a built-in WiFi system. Many campgrounds also offer high-speed WiFi if you need it.

This lets you balance your vacation time while still filling your work duties. It’s why RV travel has become popular among remote workers and why it’s perfect for busy parents who still want to spend time with their families.

8. Family-Friendly Bonding

While there are many potential spots for family holidays, they’re not all great. What happens when you want to take your kids to Disney but the resort has been taken over by the college crowd?

More families are trying to find ways to bond with their kids during vacations. The RV family holiday is the perfect choice for spending quality time with your kids.

For example, let’s say you park your RV at a campground. You’ll be surrounded by nature where you can run around and play with your kids. Campgrounds often have many extra activities and amenities meant for children.

As we mentioned in the previous section, RVs can also come with fast WiFi. However, if you don’t need WiFi then you can disable it. This means that your kids will be in the real world, and they won’t be glued to their devices.

9. Access to Many Destinations

As you’ve probably figured out by now, owning an RV opens up a new world for you. If you’ve ever wanted to explore any of America’s national parks, there’s always a spot for your RV!

It’s also great for exploring places that are off the beaten path. Perhaps you want to explore the Mojave Desert. This is a great way to show your kids one of the most haunting but beautiful parts of the country.

Or maybe you want to take them to odd towns such as Darwin or Slab City. These are places that have attracted travelers and an RV is always welcome at such places.

One of the best ways to enjoy a vacation with your family is to explore your country. Driving around in an RV will give you unprecedented access to the beauty of the United States.

Consider Buying an RV

Now you know the benefits of buying an RV for planning your next family holiday.

There are many options available for RVs to suit your needs. Whether you’ve got a small or big family, there’s an RV for you. It’s more affordable and you’ll have more travel freedom.

Among the other benefits of an RV vacation is that you can cook your meals, work remotely, and have access to many beautiful parts of the country.

If you’re ready to plan your trip, be sure to check out our travel content. We’ll be glad to help you prepare!

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