Do you need a body pillow or a pregnancy pillow but no idea how to start? No need to worry!  I have done extensive research for you. Here I’m going to talk about the famous nursing cover pregnancy pillows for you. With our assistance, you can easily choose what suits you the best.

Well! Let us take a start with the pregnancy pillow.


The pillows specially designed to be used during pregnancy are the pregnancy pillows. They are perfect for supporting your hips, shoulders, back, and tummy etc. The body pillow or pregnancy pillow are made with the mothers in mind, and the goal is to assist them with comfort and sleep.

Some of the pillows are suitable for the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd trimester while others can be used during every trimester.


The pregnancy or body pillow offers support to all parts of the body. Here are the benefits of having a nursing cover pregnancy pillow:

  • It supports your shoulders, back, and tummy thus assists you in relaxing and reducing pain.
  • It prevents discomfort and rolling, makes yourself that you have a sound sleep at night.
  • This pillow is resistant to mildew, mould, dust mite, and bacteria. It is best for people suffering from allergy.
  • The full-body pregnancy pillow relaxes your body by preventing restlessness.

Got an idea about what are pregnancy pillows and why they are needed? Let us move towards different pregnancy pillows.


There are three types of pregnancy pillows: Small Pregnancy Pillows, Full Body Pregnancy Pillows, and Complete Body Pregnancy Pillows.


Here you can find boomerang pillows, butterfly pillows, and wedge pillows. All these pillows are small and light as compared to the other options, and they offer a different level of support.

The boomerang pillows can go between your legs, which offer extra support to the body and hip alignment. Also, these pillows support your tummy.

The wedge pillow is compact and small. It is easy to travel with and supports your tummy.

The butterfly is perfect for stopping you from moving onto your back. It is essential not to sleep on your back during pregnancy.

A Scientist of Nursing and Information, a Librarian of Health Sciences, the Amanda Ross-White elaborated on The Conversation that there are two principles for preventing stillbirth. The one includes no sleeping at your back and other counting the total number of kicks. “At the International Stillbirth Alliance Conference held last month, multiple studies provided information to reveal that sleeping on your back increases the chances of stillbirth.”


  • Most cost-effective
  • Easy to adjust and move during sleep
  • Lightweight and small
  • Best for travelling


  • These pillows do not provide a colossal support


These pillows are in the forms of flexible and fixed, straight pillows.

The soft pillows permit for multiple positioning. Keep altering and moving the pillow until you find the best fit. Some of the pillows have a natural curve which follows your body- which makes it easy to find a relaxed position.

The straight pillows are rectangular and have reduced flexibility. They offer massive support to your tummy and go smoothly between the legs.


  • Depending on the shape of every pillow, most of these pillows support your body. It is remarkable how you put the pillow so that it can quickly maintain multiple parts of your body.
  • They are best for breastfeeding support.
  • You can use these pillows in pregnancy and also after it.
  • Heavy as compared to U-shaped pillows and less bulky.


  • As compared to Complete Body Pregnancy Pillows, they do not provide as much support
  • They are not perfect for travelling, depending on size.


The complete body pregnancy pillows come in two shapes, C-shape and U-shape. They are most bulky and longest among other pillows. They support entirely both sides of the body, which gave you a safe and supported feeling.


  • These pillows assist you in preventing from moving onto your back.
  • Most of the pillows support your legs, hips, tummy, back, shoulders, head and the whole body.
  • These pillows can be used during pregnancy and after it.
  • If you buy a high-quality pregnancy pillow, it lasts you for an extended period.
  • Best for breastfeeding support. Assists you in supporting the body during holding and feeding the baby.


  • Can be expensive
  • Challenging and not suitable for travelling
  • These pillows are large, so always make sure that you have sufficient bed space.
  • They are heavy and bulky in comparison with the small pillows.

Due to the size and length of complete body pregnancy pillows, it will permit your body and head to rest at the same time while feeling secure, nurtured, and safe while covered up in the large pillow. The large maternity or pregnancy pillow will assist you in sound sleep during pregnancy and aid you in feeding and supporting the baby after pregnancy.


This Nursing Cover Pregnancy Pillow provides ultimate comfort during pregnancy, and it is best made while keeping the baby and mother in mind. These pillows offer the shoulder and back support for nursing and sleeping, additional support for the baby and excellent support while sleeping. These pillows come with one year warranty!


  • These pillows come with one year warranty!
  • Ultimate pregnancy and nursing pillow has a removable cover and is bought separately. The cover is machine washable, and it provides additional protection for your pillow.
  • The fillings include millions of small siliconized Comofortfil and balls of Polyester Fibre.

Selecting the best durable pregnancy pillow can keep you on the safe side during pregnancy. Choose wisely as it is all about you and your baby!

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