The roof is an important structural component of your property. It acts as a protection for your house to keep your property safe from environmental factors. It also adds value to the curb appeal of your house if maintained properly. In today’s blog, we will be discussing step by step process for flat roof replacement. It is a detailed process that needs professional workers to complete the task so you need to get in touch with Cape Cod roofers to get your flat roof replaced properly.

Roof requirements for commercial and residential properties are different. Therefore, you need to hire a company that has vast experience in dealing with both properties or one of the properties depending on your need. Let’s dive into the process:

1. First of all, you need to clean the existing roof system that includes the boots, vents, flashing, and rotted wood areas on the roof.

2. You should remove or replace all the rotted wood components on the entire roof before moving onto the next step.

3. You need to remove or replace all the rotted fascia as well.

4. Now, you need to disconnect all the a/c units and this work needs to be done by the a/c contractors.

5. Install the new aluminum a/c stands for meeting the code requirement and you should fasten your deck.

6. You need to hire a/c contractors to reconnect all the existing a/c contractors.

7. Wherever you find it necessary, install the new a/c quick disconnects.

8. Install the eps fanfold insulation on your complete roof surface and fasten it.

9. You should install the tie-in roofing material according to the match with the current roof.

10. Next, you need to design a PVC/CPA single-ply roof system that is highly wind-resistant and include things like boots, curbs, membrane, flashings, vents, and fasteners for the complete roof area.

11. You need to install the roof membrane on the entire roof with the help of a manufacturer’s products and by following a cad specification.

12. The membrane should be installed throughout the roof, fasten the cad specification wherever it is needed.

13. You should install the new perimeter flashings that include a fascia bar, drip edge, fascia cap, these should be fastened at 6″ on the center.

Furthermore, you need to seal the top flange of the fascia cap and bar with the help of proper sealant wherever required.

14. You need to install the boots over the plumbing seal, stacks.

15. Install the curb at existing vent stacks and seal.

16. You should install the safety walk-pad network that will be from the roof access point to a/c units for the roof traffic wherever you need it for the rooftop accessibility.

17. To tackle the increased roof system wind uplift, you need to install the wind-baffle vacuum moisture control vent.

18. Now you need to install all the essential rooftop signs that will describe the warning, care, and notices for the roof traffic personnel.

19. Now, after all this, you need to clean and remove all the debris. To remove all fasteners from the lawn you should use a magnet.

20. You should talk about the guarantee regarding the labor, material, and installation from the manufacturer. It is very important, especially for commercial applications.

This was a detailed process regarding the flat roof replacement. It is a lengthy process and each step requires supervision from experienced professionals. As this process requires skilled workers, it is very important to hire the best roofing Midland TX company that is competent for the job. The skilled crew will work under the supervision of experienced contractors to complete the replacement process.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, the requirements of a commercial and residential roof are different. In the case of commercial property, access to the roof is needed because the roof is also used for many purposes. It is essential to ensure that your roof is more protective against all the problems and especially the leaks otherwise the problem will affect your commercial property functioning.

Whereas, in case of residential property roof is just a covering of the house that defines the curb appeal of the property. Moreover, you also need to ensure that the crew is using quality products and they have all the essential tools to complete the roof repair and installation tasks efficiently. It is suggested to do the research and find a competent company for getting the roof replacement irrespective of your roof type or the property be it commercial or residential.

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