Football is among the most popular sports today. With around 3.5 billion football fans around the globe, the game is played in almost every part of the world.

Like other sports, the process of making or breaking the records continue in football also. However, football fans have seen numerous great records that seem to be unbreakable.

Here, we have put together seven greatest football wonders that are likely to remain unbeaten in the future-

The Unbelievable Record Of Winning Five European Cups Consecutively

1955-1960 was the dominance period of Real Madrid in Europe when they won five European Cups in a row. This incredible record lifted Real Madrid to the top of the world’s greatest clubs. For consecutive five years, Madrid enjoyed complete control over European football unlike any other. 

The Champions’ League, which is a modern equivalent of the European Cup, is quite difficult to be won today. Forget about five times; teams can’t even manage to win this prestigious trophy twice in a row. Even the world’s powerful teams such as Barcelona, Bayern Munich, etc. have failed to do this.

12 Year Old, Mauricio Baldivieso Is The Youngest Ever Football Player 

Baldivieso is a Bolivian midfielder who played for Aurora against FC La Paz when he was only 12. It is quite unlikely that the spectators will see someone playing in the professional football leagues younger than Mauricio Baldivieso. 

So, it won’t be wrong to make Sports predictions naming Baldivieso as the world’s youngest football player to debut will not be wrong, and it is unlikely that fact will change soon!

Rogerio Ceni Is The First Goalkeeper To Net The Highest Number Of Goals

All-time greatest Brazilian goalkeeper, Rogerio Mucke Ceni, is quite famous for the staggering number of goals he scored. In his career spanning around 25 years, he scored 131 goals. It may be relatively normal figure for a striker. However, when performed by a goalkeeper, it is an impressive record. 
He spent his whole career at Sao Paulo FC and won 20 major titles, including two Libertadores Cup, three Brazilian leagues. Perhaps, there is no goalie anywhere around Ceni who possesses the ability to score as much as he did during his career. 

Mangus Arvidsson Created History With The Quickest Professional Hat-Trick

Often, around two or three goals are scored in the entire football match. Many times, the matches even end at 0-0. However, sometimes, the player scores a hat trick of goals!

A Swedish player, Mnagus Arvidsson, holds a record of scoring the fastest hat trick in the history of the professional game beating Tommy Ross by one second. 

He has played for a handful of countries, winning a couple of caps for the national team. His finest achievement came with IFK Hassleholm in 1995, when he scored such a fast hat trick in just 89 seconds. 

‘149-0’ –The World Record For Highest Goals Scored In Senior Football Match

AS Adema-SO I’Emyrne was a match that took place on Oct 2002 between Antananarivo and Madagascar. This match holds the highest scores in the history of world football that was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records. 

As many mysterious refereeing decisions had gone through them, Emyrne decided to lose in the protest. The team shot its own net 149 times and surpassed the previous record of highest goals. 

Maracana Stadium Hosted The Highest Number Of Spectators 

The 1950 World Cup Final between Uruguay and Brazil at Maracana stadium holds the record of hosting the largest number of viewers in the history. 1
Though the official attendance listed that 173,850 tickets were sold, the unofficial estimates claimed 210,000 people in the stadium.

The match was seriously threatened with the disturbance. After this, the officials tightened the security of the stadium to ensure safety. 

Australia Made History By Scoring Highest Goals In Single Professional Match

In April 2001, Australia scored 31 goals to qualify for 200, FIFA World Cup. On the other hand, the opposite team, American Samoa, couldn’t manage to score even a single goal. So, the match ended with 31-0. 

It was the highest number of goals scored by any team during the professional match. Besides, this match is also considered as the most unbalanced one and led to great debate as well!

These are some of the most brilliant records that seem impossible to break. Whether positive or negative, people remember the players for such records, even after decades of their retirement.

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