Does your daily routine leave you burnt out and tired? Do you find it challenging to have the energy to complete even the smallest of daily tasks? Well, we have some excellent news for everyone who feels this way. According to research, habits and routines allow us to access our basal ganglia, a part of the human brain that helps us run on autopilot. It is essentially our habit epicenter, where patterned behaviors and procedural learning develops. It also controls things like swallowing, eye movement, and breathing. By making small tweaks to our fitness routines, diet, or bedtime rituals, we program our basal ganglia with these healthy, improved habits. It, in turn, helps boost productivity at home, work, and other aspects of our lives.

A person builds, learns, and repeats healthy habits regularly. As they become a part of our everyday routines, they change and improve our lives and how we perform our duties. By embarking on the search for healthy habits, we will edge towards becoming more productive and happier at the same time. Let us look at some of these healthy habits down below:

Get Ample Amounts Of Sleep


Around 40% of all people in the USA receive less sleep than what experts recommend. It causes detrimental side effects to a person’s health and also negatively impacts their productivity levels. Setting up an alarm clock on your mobile phone to double or triple snooze confuses our bodies and causes disruption to our REM sleep. Some people might say that they would instead complete their work than sleep. But our bodies need the right amount of rest to give our 100% in whatever we do. So, consider sleeping at least 6-8 hours per day and preferably at night. And get up early to get a fresh start for the goals we want to achieve during the day.

Acquire Skills And Continue Education

Acquire Skills

There are potent ties between education and productivity. Individuals with more skills tend to be more productive, which leads to more income. For example, a medical student pursuing an online mph will be more productive than someone who isn’t pursuing an education. They will have the expertise necessary for their jobs in the public healthcare sector with more productivity and efficiency.

It allows for such individuals to have long-term growth and better wages, leading to increased job satisfaction. Attending customized education programs tailored to a person’s specific needs will enable them to achieve their career goals more quickly.

Always Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast, undoubtedly, is the most important meal a person can have every day. So, do not be like the thirty-one million other Americans who skip eating breakfast. It will take a toll on your energy levels, reduce your productivity, and adversely affect your overall health. Even when you are on the road, it is always advisable to have a proper breakfast. After all, a good breakfast will set the mood for the entire day. And provide you with the energy required to do all tasks with more efficiency and productivity.

Take Small Breaks Every Hour or so

Small Breaks Every Hour

According to Christine Carter, a sociologist, you can accomplish more and be more productive if you slack off strategically. We can’t maintain the same levels of productivity throughout the entire day. She suggests adopting the habit of taking small br1eaks at designated times.

Doing such a thing will provide you and your mind with a well-deserved breather so you can get back to your work with better focus. Christine also cites a UK-based study that shows how taking seventeen minutes break after every fifty minutes or so will increase a person’s productivity by 12%. However, how you utilize your breaks is your choice. You can go for a quick snack or watch something entertaining on the internet.

Always Remember to Eat 


Our brain and body require food to function properly. It is why food is a crucial part of our everyday routine. It might sound simple. However, most of the time, people get busy with work and forget to eat or skip meals. They usually grab a quick snack, which is often unhealthy and can lead to health issues in the long run.

Do not fall victim to such a trap. Eat more frequently in small portions and always remember to make healthy food choices. Nourishing foods will help you stay energized the entire day and increase your productivity levels at work or anywhere else. If you have difficulty preparing meals, you can always go for meal-prep options as they are a dime a dozen these days. These home delivery-based meal prep services take care of you and provide you with everything you need at your doorstep.



Mindfulness or meditation is an excellent workout for your brain. It only takes about 20-30 minutes during the morning and can help you effectively manage your life. There have been countless studies that show medication to be a stress-reliever and productivity booster.

Start your day out with a habit of doing a few mind strengthening exercises. If you do not know the meditation’s ins and outs, you can always search for mantras. There are many mind training exercises available on Google with video instructions on how to perform them.

Avoid Multitasking


Saying no to a task or new projects is always hard. However, too many career development opportunities or critical work-related tasks can drain you out completely. We will always be much more productive if we focus on doing the right thing instead of taking on several tasks.

By not having many things to do, we can focus more on what is right for us and our career goals. And spend this time on more important things in our lives.


Whatever the case, it is vital to prioritize our health over anything and everything else. Work can sometimes be draining, personal life can sometimes become mundane, plus health-related issues can cause stress, reducing productivity. People may sometimes go without eating for hours so that they can complete their work on time. It is a terrible idea, no matter what. Follow the healthy habits mentioned in this article. You will see a boost in your health and productivity at home and work.

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