You’ve decided it’s time to take control of your physical and mental health and the answer is going on a fitness journey. This journey will consist of you putting better food in your body and sticking to a workout routine that’s achievable yet challenging. While everyone’s path is different, here are five ways to document your fitness journey.

Create a Solid Plan of Attack

First things first, if you want to stick to an exercise routine and eat better, then you need to create a strong plan. Ideally, you’ll have a specific time you work out every day, but as long as you plan out your weekly workouts ahead of time, the actual time of day doesn’t matter so much. Of course, saying you’ll, as an example, do cardio on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday might not be sufficient. After all, it’s easy to push activities off when you allocate an entire day to finish a task, especially since you have other priorities to balance.


Similar to your workout routine, you can’t be vague with your meal plan and say you’ll start eating better. You actually need to do your research on food (and ideally talk to a health professional), pick out healthy meals at the grocery store, and cook your meals. You can, of course, continue to eat out, but a good practice is looking at the menu beforehand so you don’t go overboard and let your cravings take over. Leaving room for failure, cheating, slack, or however you want to word it is also necessary as you don’t have to be perfect all the time to get in your ideal shape.

Take Photos During Your Journey

Taking photos during your journey is one way to quite literally document your adventure as it will show you the day you started and a picture of each week and month that follows. Another good practice is to take your body measurements as the scale doesn’t tell the whole story. Since you see yourself every day, it might be tough to see big changes in the mirror on a daily basis. However, looking at photos from one week to the next can show the real change and even give you more motivation going forward with your noticeable results.

Post Videos of Your Workouts on Social Media

Taking the above step to another level, you can post videos of your workouts on social media to show your following what you’re doing to lose weight, as well as to inspire others and hold yourself accountable as posting pictures and videos is welcoming your following into your fitness journey. It’s making it public and showing your friends and family how serious you are about getting in tip-top shape.

Of course, you need the necessary tools and software during this journey and that’s why online video storage is essential. Not only can it store all of your pics and videos with massive storage capacity, but having a personal cloud for your photos and videos can help to protect your privacy and keep everything in one place.


Food Journaling to Get More Involved and Better Understand What You’re Consuming

Creating a food journal will help you document everything you eat while getting more involved and a better understanding of what you’re consuming. While apps make it easy to log your food (and workouts), actually doing the food journaling yourself isn’t a mindless process, forcing you to take inventory of what you eat by writing it down. Journaling forces you to take down the necessary macros you’re focusing on, such as carbs, fat, and protein, as opposed to quickly searching for a food item and casually logging it in an app.

Monitor Your Progress Using Gadgets and Apps

Tracking your progress using mobile fitness apps or gadgets like a power meter for cycling is a good way to stay on top of your goals. Whatever kind of exercise routine you choose to do, it helps to monitor your progress and performance to know if your regimen is working and if you’re close to reaching your fitness goals.

Show Your Followers What Supplements You’re Taking

Whether you take collagen protein powder, vitamins, pre-workout, or other supplements, posting images of what you take can invite your followers into your journey. It also gives you the opportunity to explain why you’re taking certain supplements and the health benefits of each one, as your followers will likely be intrigued since you’re obviously in the process of rocking your fitness journey.

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