The darkness of your bedroom or the music you listen to before you sleep, all are not the only factors that influence your sleep quality. There are plenty of other factors and one of them is how you lay your body down.

Some people prefer sleeping on their stomach or back than any other position but these positions do not do any good to them.

So what’s the best sleep position? Multiple studies have associated side sleeping with many health benefits. In fact, some studies suggest that side sleeping increases the chances of living longer. Other studies have shown that side sleeping helps the brain to clear out the waste that accumulates during working hours.

So let’s see the health benefits of side sleepers as experts say.

Helps to Relieve Sleep Apnea

Back sleepers and snorers can experience difficulties in breathing if they suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition that leads to obesity. People suffering from sleep apnea can help combat the problem by sleeping on the side. Sleeping on the side can also help to minimize growing blood sugar.

Reduces Heartburn

Many people suffer from heartburn usually after eating a spicy meal, fatty or dry food. Sleeping on the side might help to relieve the condition. This is supported by research conducted by WebMD. So when checking your mattress on the Katy mattress reviews, ensure you get a mattress that supports side sleeping so that you can relieve heartburn symptoms. However, if heartburn symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

Boosts Digestion

You think drinking enough water, exercising or taking certain medications is the only way to improve digestion? Think twice!

side sleeping

There are other overlooked or unknown ways to improve digestion and one of them is sleeping on your side. A study has shown that sleeping on the side promotes the movement of food and water easily from the digestive system.

Promotes Heart Health

If there is one important organ in the human body then it’s the heart. If the heart stops pumping, you are laid to rest. If the heart doesn’t work properly, you are all overlooking for medication. You need to keep it in good health always and one of the awesome ways to achieve this is to sleep on the side.

Boost Circulatory System

When blood flows smoothly throughout your body, you feel fresh, healthy, and energized. No one wants to encounter a situation where blood does not reach other parts of the body. But you don’t have to take prescribed drugs to promote blood circulation. Sleeping on the side can promote better circulation and reduce varicose veins.

For Pregnant Women, Sleeping on the Side Boosts Blood Flow to the Fetus

Chances are that you hear doctors recommending pregnant women to sleep on their left side but you haven’t known the reason for this. Sleeping on the side is the best-recommended sleep position during pregnancy since it allows blood to flow smoothly to the fetus.

Have you ever asked why people are recommended to read mattress reviews such as Sweet Zzz mattress reviews before buying a mattress? Well, when you read these reviews, you get to know the best mattress for yourself and if you are a side sleeper, to enjoy all these health benefits and many others, you need the right mattress for you and your partner.

There are plenty of health benefits of side sleepers but we will leave you with these important ones for now.

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