I know it’s frustrating. You have been thinking about the name for your blog for hours or maybe even days. You may also have already had few ideas, but nothing sounded like a perfect fit.

Good news, give yourself a rest and let a blog name generator do the heavy lifting.

Blog name generators are probably one of the most underrated blogging resources.

I’ve put together a list of 6 brilliant name generators that will make the blog name finding process a breeze and let you find a perfect name for your blog in a matter of minutes, not hours.

Does that sound good to you? Great. Let’s dive in!

1. Naminum


Naminum is suitable both as a company and a blog name generator.

Once you enter your keyword, the tool spits out a list of appended or preceding syllables for a keyword you’ve specified.

You can choose the syllables in English but also German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

For each suggestion that you’re presented with, you can quickly check the availability of the .com domain or start a new search with the proposed idea as a keyword.

2. Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify Business Name Generator

You probably know Shopify for its eCommerce platform, but the company also offers a ton of useful tools for online entrepreneurs, including a great business name generator.

While it functions slightly differently to other tools in that it searches for registered business names rather than domains, if you are thinking long-term about treating your blog as a business, it’s good to secure the coveted name early. That being said, you might have to combine the results from the Shopify name generator with another tool to ensure the availability of the desired domain.

3. Dot-o-mator


The Dot-o-mator is more of a fun tool, but it can also be used to generate potential blog names.

Initially, you select a starting as well as ending part of a phrase from a drop-down menu, or enter your own words.

Subsequently, the tool will give you an output in the form of a list of combinations where .com domains are still free.

4. Wordoid


The blog name generator Wordoid works similarly to Naminum.

You enter a word, and the tool spits out inventive names that are generated by prefixing and/or adding syllables or letters.

In contrast to Naminum, the list of names given only includes 10 suggestions at a time. Additionally, you can make some adjustments to check the list against the availability of the associated .net and .com domain.

5. SpinXO


SpinXO is actually a tool to generate usernames for social networks. However, it can also be very much used as a blog name generator.

You can type various things as a starting point, including but not limited to nicknames, preferences, hobbies, or numbers. Click on the orange Spin button to see 30 name ideas connected with what you’ve typed in.

Haven’t found the perfect name?

No problem! With another click on the Spin button, you’ll see 30 additional suggestions.

If you click on one of the name ideas, its availability will be checked across various social networks, such as Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter.

6. Name Mesh

NameMesh is a domain name generator that suggests free domains from the entire web.

NameMesh checks relevant words and word combinations to find available domain names across a wide range of suffixes such as .com, .net, .io, and .co.

Choosing a Blog Name: Summary

Choosing the right name for your new blog is a bit of work, but name generators will provide you with a range of initial ideas to make a final choice easier.

Since you can’t easily change your blog name down the line, make sure that your name and domain reflect what niche you’re in, your voice as a writer, and the audience you’re targeting.

Happy name choosing!

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