Life is the game of picking up the right opportunity at the right time, and since you can’t keep your two feet in two different opportunities, you have to give up on one in order to embrace the other. This saying is equally important in the context of employment as well, where we have to go through the many switchings before sticking to something worthwhile.

Employment is considered to be the most important aspect of life, and we all want to stick to one such employment that can keep us on the progressive path of life, but that expectation doesn’t always come true. Sometimes we all become forced or willfully take the decision to quit the job so that we can get the next best possible opportunity.

In the professional corporate world, the manner of resignation is considered to be equally important as the curriculum vitae, and thus the resignation from an employee to the employer must be made in the professional spirit.

Here in this article, we are basically going to discuss the ways in which you can inform your boss or the employer about the news of quitting the job.

We understand that it can be very sensitive yet significant news, so we are going to make it as easy for you, as it can be so that you can maintain your professionalism and your personal relationship with your boss.

Well, this is the first scenario that comes up when you are looking forward to telling your boss about the news of quitting the job from your side. You can ask your boss to have some private time with you regarding something very significant, and make sure that the meeting remains between you and the boss.

Keep in mind that the initiative of quitting the job and informing your boss about the news should be taken from your side and not by your boss.

  • Be ready with the gratitude

Yes, you should start the conversation with your boss with positive aspects, and there could be no other thing than gratitude to start with. You should express your gratitude to your boss for the opportunities that have been provided to you and the precious exposure through which you have learned a lot about the corporate world.

In a similar manner, you can prepare your gratitudes with the other positive aspects of your job profile.

decision of quitting the job

  • Disclose the Resignation News

Now as you have shown your gratitude to the Boss for all the opportunities then next you must change the subject and inform the Boss about your resignation decision.

Here remember that you have made your mind for the resignation only and there should be no terms or the negotiation in this decision also you can also provide some reasons behind your decision of quitting the job.

¬†Become gentle while expressing the reasons for the resignation and if you don’t feel comfortable while disclosing the reasons then you can choose to not to disclose them.

  • Don’t Mention too many reasons & offer yourself to the employer for the transition period

Well, as we have already mentioned that you don’t have to be too much complaining about stating the reasons behind the resignation.

You just have to make the formality of mentioning very few reasons behind the resignation and focus yourself to maintain a decent relationship between your Boss even after quitting the job.

Further, you should also make yourself available to the company for the transition period, where you are going to assist the company to fill your vacant vacancy after your resignation so that your job profile can be managed accordingly.

  • Wrap up the news by disclosing the last working date

Now you can just wrap up your resignation news to your Boss by mentioning the last date by which you are going to be available in the workplace and it will also serve as your notice period.

Here you can also recall the terms and the conditions of the employment and state the fact that you have not breached any kind of the employment terms and the conditions. At last with it, you should again show your gratitude to the Boss and with it, you can just get going from there.

The above-mentioned tips are the basic tips which you must keep in your mind while informing your Boss about your resignation and you can modify the tips as per your preference and the suitability of the workplace.

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