Soccer tryouts can be daunting. You are nervous yet fully prepared to showcase all your skills and tricks. But is that enough to make it to the team? While it is pivotal, there is another aspect that you cannot miss – impressing the coach.

Soccer coaches are always on the lookout for different skills and personalities. While this may differ from one coach to another, there are a few soccer tips and tricks that never fail to make a good impression.

Try these 5 tips to impress a coach at your next soccer tryouts:

1. Introduce Yourself

The first impression is the best. You can start by introducing yourself to the coach. Make the most out of this first encounter.

You can always arrive early and spend time getting acquainted with your coach. Let your passion and dedication for soccer reflect in your interactions. If there is a possibility to introduce yourself a few days before the tryout, take the opportunity.

Do not forget to reintroduce yourself just before and after tryout sessions as well. This makes the coach familiar with you. Moreover, there are higher chances that they may look out for you.

2. Use the Right Body Language

Nonverbal behavior is essential in soccer. Your body language influences the impression you make on others. Always use the right body language.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Sit straight when you are on the bench
  • Show genuine interest
  • Do not act indifferent
  • Do not sulk
  • Maintain eye contact with the coach whenever possible
  • Reflect your eagerness in your eyes
  • Do not slouch

You can also use good body language to show your support or cheer for the other players. Control over your body language and emotions can help you go a long way as a reputable and successful soccer player.

Soccer Tryouts

3. Emphasize Your Strengths

You may not be the best at all the soccer skills and techniques. However, you have certain strengths by your side that can make you shine.

Are you an agile player? Or perhaps you are an amazing defender. Ensure to accentuate these skills of yours as much as possible.

Find out your best moves and strengths. Work on them so that you can thrive upon them during your tryouts. The coach will not fail to notice them. You will most likely show your potential contribution to the team.

4. Do Not Forget to be Vocal

There are higher chances to be consistently noticeable if you are more vocal during tryouts. You can always congratulate other players when they score or make an excellent movie.

Use your voice both on the field and on the bench. You can shout out encouraging words. Make sure to be positive always. Helping other players in navigation for defense or a pass on the field is also a plus. However, make sure not to overdo it.

5. Be Coachable

At times, coaches can ask you to adjust your game and moves during soccer tryouts. Though tryouts are meant to evaluate your performance, some coaches may wish to give you valuable soccer tips and tricks. This is to assess how well you adjust and respond to coaching.

Do not hesitate to follow their guidelines. Take the tips and apply them directly to your game. The suggestions can be as simple as altering your position. Ultimately, the coach evaluates whether you are open to listen as well as adapt. This makes you coachable.

You can always ask for an explanation if you do not understand the suggestions. Showing interest is a positive sign that you are eager to expand the knowledge and improve your game.

Soccer tryouts can sure be overwhelming. In addition to your soccer skills, remember to use these tips to stand out. They will help in proving that you will be an excellent addition to the soccer team.

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