Recent studies show that the use of CBD for medical purposes is growing from year to year. More and more people desire to try hemp-based products and see for themselves all those beneficial effects. This compound in itself has no psychoactive action but acts on certain receptors. Thus, it helps in the fight against various types of diseases and ailments. Read more about that on this source.

If you are going to use this product, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is ‘Is it safe?’ You’ve probably heard that there are no other harmful side effects when using CBD oils. One thing that contributes to that feature is the specific deriving method, known as CO2 extraction.

In Short about CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is one of the most important parts of obtaining high-quality CBD goods. Most brands rely on this method, as it’s efficient and cost-effective. It takes the active ingredients out of the cannabis without losing any valuable oil.

This method uses pressurized carbon dioxide. It’s one of the gases that can achieve a so-called ‘supercritical state.’ It happens after exposing CO2 in its natural gaseous state to low temperatures. It becomes a liquid which is then pressured and heated (up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit) to achieve a supercritical state.

After getting this liquid, the following procedure is pretty straightforward. Most experts recommend putting plant material in large containers and pouring it with liquid CO2. Companies use special pressure machines for that. The raw cannabis must be of trusted origin and high-quality. Then the liquid runs over the content and dissolves its useful elements (CBD on top of everything).

Removing Solvents

After extracting CBD (and THC and terpenes), the solvent must be removed from oils. CO2 goes to separation vessels to get back to its gaseous state due to heat and pressure gradients. As for the final product, it will be placed into a secondary fermentation tank. There, it undergoes a process similar to fermentation. Later on, extracts will be infused with oils and other ingredients.

It’s possible to extract several dozen compounds from raw cannabis with this method. It means that the potency of the final product is great, which will affect its price. Products obtained by this extraction are more expensive than alternative methods, but for good reasons.


Advantages of CO2 Extraction

CO2 cannabis extraction utilizes pressurized, heated gas to pull active ingredients from the cannabis plant. It usually results in CBD, THC, and terpenes. Extracted oil doesn’t need any extra processing. It’s much more potent and cleaner than products obtained with other methods.

The process of extraction doesn’t harm the oil in any way. If anything, it improves its taste and provides the purity which all top-notch hemp products must-have. That way, buyers get the most for the price they pay.

Another good thing about CBD oil CO2 extraction is its eco-friendliness. As carbon dioxide is present in the air, this method is safe and green. It doesn’t use water and volatile chemicals. There’s no liquid waste that will reach the soil and waterways.

Reasons for Companies to Use CO2 Extraction

Another benefit of using the CO2 method is its cost-effectiveness. CBD brands might have high costs on the extraction process, as they buy expensive extractors and containers. But that will be an investment with a superfast return.

Also, running costs will not be high, due to low CO2 prices and relatively low electricity use. The extracts are not heated to extreme heat, so there is no need for high energy consumption. Carbon dioxide is easy to get, as it’s everywhere.

There’s no need for expensive supplies, but every company needs experts to handle CBD extraction. Regardless of the simplicity of the process itself, professional supervision is necessary.

One more thing that makes CO2 extraction stand out is its speed. Entering carbon dioxide in a supercritical state will take only a few minutes. It turns into the liquid at fairly low temperatures for lab conditions. Plus, it takes extra few minutes for the extractor to get the pure CBD oil.

Why You Must be Familiar with Extraction Method

Removing solvents adds to the safety of the final product. CO2 in any state won’t leave any toxic residues, unlike butane and hexane. These chemicals were in use before carbon dioxide. They were cheap and profitable for businesses, and most brands use them until recently.

But extraction methods using these chemicals didn’t provide CBD oils of good quality. The potency and purity of the final products were problematic. Luckily, CO2 is a worthy replacement in terms of price and unsurpassed for safety and efficiency.

As you don’t want to put yourself at risk, pay attention to the labels when buying CBD products. Or simply read the manufacturer’s instructions. If the extraction method is not stated along, that can be suspicious. You can call the contact center of the company and get this information. But whenever you can, don’t buy products from non-transparent and dishonest companies.

See the link below to learn how to shop for quality hemp-based goods:

With all the information available today, you think it would be easy to extract CBD oil from cannabis. But actually, it’s not that simple. Companies must meet certain standards to offer quality hemp-based goods to the market. They use different methods to get CBD out of the cannabis plant without discrediting its benefits, but CO2 extraction prevails among reputable brands.

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