The new year is on top of us, and it’s going to bring new changes. Social marketing will be among these change. To help you thrive in these updates, you need to update your Social Media strategy. But how? Don’t worry, following we are going to help you out!

1.  Listen to Your Audience

You need to engage with your audience. John Hall, an Entrepreneur, stresses this point in his “7 Social Media Trends to Look Out for in 2019” on Forbes. Social Media consists of analyzing your conversations, phrases and other such details. It even includes keeping an eye on your competitor’s social media pages. This is an important component of improving your social media strategy.

Instead of just looking over something and making guests, use social listening tools. These interactions can help you tweak your marketing campaign to get an edge over your competition.

2.  Social Media Marketing and SEO

You have to pair your social media marketing efforts with an equally strong SEO strategy.  Your marketing strategy is useless as long as you don’t embed basic SEO. Your content needs to be consumable.

You have to place your content somewhere the audience will easily find it. You have to promote your business with a sound strategy that is easy to optimize. Remember, investing in a strong integrated marketing strategy drives better results than a paid advertisement.

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3.  Create Your Stories

Do you know why WWE is one of the best wrestling entertainment enterprises? Yes, there are several other like TNA and the Underground Wrestling Scene but why everyone keeps talking about the “World Wrestling Entertainment”?

It’s because of their storylines? Do you think that “The Undertaker” and “Kane” are real-life brothers?

There is a lot you can learn here and implement in your social media marketing strategy. Emily Copp Of Hootsuite discusses it in her social media trends for 2019. Start with experiment stories because at least four out of every five brands is already storifying their marketing. So, create story specific content and highlight the features of your story. Pour your resources and get creative.

4.  Work with Micro-Influencers

Millennials don’t have any identity, and they are influencing other generations. They will rather follow someone’ else advice instead of doing their own research work. This is why they rely on influencers to review a product and give their advice.

This is what makes the influencer market popular. People make decisions on what someone they trust say than act on how they feel, especially after watching an advertisement. So, collaborate this year with a micro-influencer to grow your brand. Yes, you will need to spend money to make money.

It will give you a business boost for a short therm. Once you grab the audience of that influencer, you can move on with an aggressive marketing approach. You need them to build your momentum, rest you can do with a marketing agency. This will reinforce your position.

To find one for yourself, check the DesignRush list of Branding Agencies.

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