As the summer heat builds you’ll become increasingly grateful for the air conditioning in your car. It allows you to arrive at your destination feeling cool and collected, as well as giving you a temporary respite from the heat.

Of course, you probably take the air conditioning system in your vehicle for granted, until it stops blowing cold air. This is a sign that you need expert help and your air conditioning system needs some love.

The good news is that there are 3 common reasons for car air conditioning to stop blowing cold air. Having your car serviced regularly can help to ensure you don’t encounter the following issues. All you have to do is find out more about your local and reputable service center.

1. Time To Replace The Refrigerant

Air conditioning works by attracting the heat from the air, effectively cooling the air, and then blowing this cold air into your car. A key part of this system is the refrigerant. The system is pressurized, the warmth in the air turns the refrigerant gas into a liquid. This process creates cold air that is directed inside your vehicle.

Because the system is pressurized and constantly changing from gas to liquid, some of the refrigerants will be lost over time. Ultimately, the refrigerant will be too low to cool the air effectively.

Your system needs to be recharged by a professional. This ensures the right amount of refrigerant is added and the system is balanced.

It should be noted that the refrigerant in the system can also be too low if you have developed a leak. This will cause you to lose refrigerant much faster. The leak will need to be located and fixed before a new refrigerant can be added. Again, this is a job for the experts.

Cold Air

2. Electrical Issues

Another common problem with car air conditioning is electrical inputs. The air conditioner relies on sensors. There are sensors all across your vehicle, they relay signals to the central onboard computer. This then tells the air conditioning what to do.

If the sensors are damaged or faulty then the information the computer gets is not valid. The result is the air conditioner is not given the correct information and won’t cool the car correctly.

Sensor failure can also lead to the air conditioning overcooling the car. This is a bigger issue in the winter when you’re trying to get heat from the engine.

3. Blend Door

All cars with air conditioning are capable of blowing cold air or warm air into your car. This allows you to create the perfect temperature. However, the systems rely on what is known as the blend door.

This ‘door’ is situated behind the dashboard and opens and closes in accordance with your need for hot or cold air. If the door is no longer working properly the cold, air can’t get into your vehicle, giving you nice warm air in the summer!

The dashboard will need to be removed to replace the blend door, making this another job it’s better for the professionals to handle this!

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