Birds are extraordinarily chirpy and make excellent pets for all ages. However, most people believe that it is quite challenging to care for birds. Probably because birds often require tender loving and care. You can follow the handy tips below to make your bird live a longer, fuller, and healthier life.

1. Keep the Cage Clean

This is the most important care tip for your pet bird. The cages tend to get messy pretty fast, but you cannot blame them. Therefore, as a bird parent, always make sure that the cage is cleaned on a daily basis for them to enjoy a clean and conducive environment. Every now and then, you ought to consider sterilizing the cage, preferably once in a fortnight.

2. Buy Toys

After you clean the cages, put various bird toys, such as wooden spools, string spools, rope, and acrylic, which your birds can play with. Birds also like changing stimuli, unlike dogs and cats. Some birds, like parrots, are brilliant creatures and intensely curious; hence, they enjoy the stimulation they get from their toys. Your bird will have immense fun and exercise while playing with its toys.

3. Consider a Good Cage Location

Although birds are social creatures, different species have unique needs. Depending on your home’s temperament, place the birdcage in an area that it can get to interact with you. Avoid placing the cage in the kitchen because smoke and odors from cooking can be very harmful to your pet bird. Birds can tolerate different temperature ranges. If you are very okay with your room temperature, your birds will also be comfortable. An essential factor is temperature stability, varying temperature can adversely affect your bird’s health.

Pet Birds

4. Choosing the Best Cage

As a rule of thumb, the bigger the cage, the better. When it comes to housing your bird, you can never have too big a cage. On the other hand, you can have too small a cage because birds need lots of space for activities. A cage should be large enough to allow your bird to stretch its wings maximally, climb, and play with its toys. It is also crucial to ensure that your bird cages are spaced correctly. Gaps between bars have to be narrow enough to prevent the bird from getting out and prevent predators from getting in.

5. Housing

Birds do not have to be caged at all times. Rather than looking at the cage as a means of restraint, consider it as their home base from which they can freely leave and go back from time to time. Letting the bird roam in your room is an excellent idea as it enhances the bonding experience with your pet bird. The bird can return to the cage when they want to eat, drink, or bathe. However, make sure that the room is secure as the birds could escape at any time.



6. Parasite Prevention

Both internal and external parasites are of significant risk to pet birds whether housed indoors entirely or not. Always spray your bird’s cage with anti-parasites and treat them for both external parasites and internal worms. If your birds are in constant contact with the outside and other wildlife, it is essential to spray them after every seven weeks or so.

7. Feeder Cups

Feeder cups should preferably be made of steel, reinforced plastic, or ceramics. Chewing cups can sometimes be part of your bird’s routine play, and they could break down. Also, it is recommended to have natural tree branches in the cages as perches. After all, they are the original perches in the bird’s natural habitat.

8. What to Put in the Cages

Birds need lots of affection and care. You should stack up essential bird supplements for your bird. Always replace the sandpaper at the bottom of the cage. Put perches, food and water bowls, mental enrichment, a birdbath, and a cage cover for your birds. Setting up your birdcage can be really fun. You can also customize, depending on your creativity.


With that said, you are now well informed on how to properly care for your bird. Follow these tips, and your bird stands a chance to have a healthy and long life of up to ten years.

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