Roosting, perching, and nesting birds which are considered pests can cause costly problems for homeowners. The uric acid in feces is a health hazard for the vulnerable members of the household and can even damage the paintwork. Cleaning up the mess they make can be expensive and time-consuming if you include repair to any cabling or solar panels on roofs, for example.

Ensuring you make the right choice when it comes to hiring bird control installation firms is crucial. Here are five common mistakes homeowners make, which leads to the wrong type of product for your home being installed.

Cheaper products are a false economy

Avoid the sales pitch and bargain offers when it comes to anti-bird spikes. The material that the bird deterrent is made from is particularly important when you consider the Australian climate. Cheaper products made from a material that is not resilient to high temperatures, humidity, and rain are not going to be cost-effective in the long run. Bearing in mind they could also be exposed to other animals who may try to chew or bite to get into roof and loft spaces, plastic is not going to be very durable. Only those products that have been subject to rigorous testing and quality control will be fit for purpose and save you having to replace cheaper deterrents.

Lack of experience and knowledge

Bird control installation companies should be able to answer your questions about the products they are installing. Check if they have been recommended by the manufacturers of the anti-bird spikes. This means they have up-to-date knowledge of the correct type of product to use around window sills, solar panels, guttering, and so on. Otherwise, you will have paid out for the installation and birds will still be able to perch or nest in some areas on the property. An experienced installer will assess the level of bird problem and install the right type of bird proof measures.


Lack of skills

Ask questions about the training that the installer has undertaken. To do this, you can check on the website to see if they are members of a professional organization. You can see if they have had feedback on their previous jobs to ensure that you contact someone who has the right skills. Fixing the bird control measure on and around your property means drilling into fascia boards, external walls, the roof, sills, ledges, and guttering. Unless trained in the proper use of fixings, an installer could cause costly damage particularly if drilling into stonework or around the roof and solar panels.


Ensuring clean-up is part of the price

A professional bird control company will carry out preparation work before installing the bird control devices. They will make a good job of removing all the dirt and debris left by nesting and perching birds, including cleansing and sanitizing the area where these pests have been present. All of this build-up of hazardous material and waste is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and viruses that can easily be passed onto the human inhabitants of the property. Before deciding to hire any bird control installer, ask about what service is included around clean-up and removal of existing nesting areas.

Safe working practices

Most importantly, find out whether the firm you are going to hire has a good health and safety record. The nature of the work means that they are going to be working at height because that is where the pest birds will choose to roost and perch. Hard to reach places away from human interaction is where you are going to find them. In order to reach these areas, a professional installer will have access to the right sort of equipment and be trained in how to use that equipment. They will also have risk assessments in place to protect the people moving below the site area as well as protecting themselves. Check out what safety measures they will put in place before deciding to hire their services.

Bird proofing your property is not going to be an inexpensive project if you get the right people and the right product. Keep these tips in mind and hire a reputable bird control company to protect your home and your family’s health!

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