Property dispute brings with it an exhausting conflict of interest between the disputing parties. This scenario becomes even more sensitive and troublesome when the dispute arises between family members or the beneficiaries of the deceased. Losing a loved one already takes a considerable toll on a person’s emotional and mental health, but it is even tougher when intertwined with disputes over property. 

Creating a Will is often considered as a means to prevent any future disputes between beneficiaries after a person has passed away. However, it’s not always a fool-proof solution, unfortunately. That is why people hire a Will dispute lawyer or an inheritance lawyer to fight their claims and win the dispute. 

At Chamberlains, we understand that the cases of Will and property disputes are sensitive to our clients. Therefore, our experienced attorneys dedicate a considerable amount of time to understand the dispute and represent you in a way that works in your best interest. Your Will dispute lawyer will lead your claim every step of the way. Whether you have a disagreement with other beneficiaries or a dispute over the administration of the property estate, our highly experienced lawyers will deal with it all efficiently. 


As a Will dispute lawyer, your attorney can help you with the following:  

  1. Contest a Will: If you believe that there are problems with the Will itself or its authenticity, then our lawyers can help you contest the Will in court. 
  2. Inheritance Act claims: You can hire our Will dispute attorney if you think you’ve been left out of the Will or haven’t been left a fair share. 
  3. Contentious probate: If you want an attorney to dispute over the administration of the estate left by the deceased. 
  4. Trust dispute: If you need representation for trust issues, such as the removal of a trustee.
  5. Financial Deputyship Dispute: When you have concerns about the deceased’s mental capacity to make decisions and manage their assets. 
  6. Professional Negligence: You can dispute the Will if the Will writer or solicitor did not draw up the Will properly or gave negligent advice. 

Why should you hire a Will Dispute Lawyer?

Personal disputes between the beneficiaries of the deceased are never pleasant. Therefore, it’s always best to go the professional and legal route to minimize the sensitivities of the damage as much as possible. Moreover, having experts on your side ensures that you contest complex property disputes with the best foot forward.

What are the scenarios in which you can contest a Will? 


There are a few scenarios in which you have a strong case for contesting a Will. Let’s take a look at each of them below: 

  • The Will Might Be Invalid

If you think the Will doesn’t fulfill the criteria to be considered valid, then you can contest it. A valid Will is the one that is in writing, signed by the person making it, and is witnessed and signed by two other people. 

  • The Deceased wasn’t mentally stable at the time of Creating the Will.

If the deceased suffered from dementia or any other mental illness that limited their mental capacity at the time of the creation of the Will, then you can contest the Will through a lawyer. The lawyer will advise you about contesting the Will and gathering evidence of the mental disability of the deceased.  

  • You Suspect Undue Influence  

If you suspect that the deceased was under undue pressure or influence when making their Will, you can consult with a lawyer to see if there is enough evidence to take the case further. 

  • Your Believe the Deceased wasn’t Aware of what they were Signing.

You can consider consulting with a Will dispute lawyer if you believe that the deceased wasn’t aware of the content of the Will that they were signing or didn’t read it properly. 

Hire a Professional Will Dispute Lawyer!

The matters of Will dispute should never be taken lightly. It’s best to hire professionals to assess your claims and create a strong case that is set for success. If you’re looking for a Will dispute lawyer, then contact our highly experienced and professional team at Chamberlains now!

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