The coffee table is often the centerpiece of a living room, so it’s important to make sure it looks good. A coffee table that’s too big for the area or one that doesn’t fit with your decor can ruin the aesthetics of your room.

But there are ways to make your coffee tables look cozy and inviting even if you have a small space. Here are five simple tips for making your coffee table look cozier:

1. Use candles and flowers

Candles are a great way of making your living room look cozier. You can use them as decoration for special occasions or just as part of your everyday decor. If you want to add a little bit more flair, you can even make your own candles at home with ingredients like beeswax and essential oils or fragrances.

Flowers are also an excellent way of adding some cosines to your living room, the cherry on the cake is if it’s having the beautiful tv stands. For example, you can add a vase of flowers on top of your coffee table or display a bouquet of flowers in front of it. You can even arrange them in such a way that they look like they’re growing out of the coffee table itself!

2. Make it match your furniture

If you have other wooden furniture pieces in your home, it’s important to make sure that your coffee table matches them well so that everything looks cohesive when viewed together. For example, if you have wooden cabinets nearby then using a similar type of wood for your coffee table will help tie everything together nicely!

3. Add a rug

A rug adds warmth and softness to any room. Place it in front of your sofa or chair to define the space, then pull it back as far as you like so that it doesn’t get in the way when you’re sitting down. For an even more cozy feel, add a throw blanket over top!

4. Add a little greenery

While it may not be practical for all homes, adding something green to your coffee table is a great way to add some color and make the space feel cozier. Think terrariums and succulents, or even something like a potted palm tree or fern.

5. Get creative with books

Books can give your coffee table a whole new look and make it feel more personal at the same time — just make sure they’re well-chosen (no airport thrillers) and that they fit with your home’s style (a little bit of Scandi minimalism goes a long way). If you don’t have any books lying around (or perhaps you do but they’re all too precious to use), then why not treat yourself to some nice ones?

coffee table

6. Add a tray or mat

A tray or mat can make your table look more intentional and inviting. Try one with a pattern or texture that matches the rest of your decor, such as an embroidered runner or woven placemat. Alternatively, choose something in an unexpected color, such as copper or brass, to add contrast to an otherwise neutral room.

7. Get creative with storage

If you have limited space in your home office but still want somewhere to store magazines and other items that need organizing, try using drawer pulls for knickknacks or even bookends for books! You could also use small baskets instead of bowls or trays for catching keys, coins, or other small items — just be sure they won’t tip over easily if someone bumps into them!

8. Show off your collection

If you have a collection of something, show it off on your coffee table! Whether it’s art prints from your travels or an assortment of vases, displaying these items adds character to the room and gives you another opportunity to share your passions with guests.

9. Use coasters for drinks

A glass coaster is a great way to protect your surfaces from rings and watermarks! They’re also perfect for placing hot cups or mugs on so as not to damage the surface underneath.

10. Display photos of loved ones

Coffee tables are perfect for displaying photos of family members and close friends! A photo album makes for a great addition too if you’d prefer something more permanent than just displaying them individually on top of the table.

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