Is your baby getting enough quality sleep? Every parent needs to answer this. While you may not be able to keep track of the hours your baby sleeps per day, somehow, you know when they’ve had enough sleep. If your baby wakes up frequently in the night, or they only lie for a few hours, then there’s a problem. Either they’re unwell, or their bedding isn’t comfortable, but in most cases, the bedding could be the issue.

Therefore, when perusing online baby shops, don’t forget baby bedding essentials. They’re not costly, and so, you don’t need to fork out a mortgage to look after your little one. If you’re working with a fixed budget, you can stick to the necessities but there’s no harm in adding a few luxuries fo the little tot.

So, what does it take to ensure your little one gets a  quality sleep? Is it getting them one of those bassinets or a fluffier blanket?

Let’s have a look below.

Get A Good Mattress

When planning to buy baby bedding, the first item that comes to your mind is a mattress. While there are fancy mattresses out there, all you need is a firm little mattress for your baby. No matter how pricey the mattress might be, a soft mattress isn’t safe for babies, and especially for newborns. A mattress that’s too soft can conform to the baby’s shape and lead to suffocation. To get the right mattress quality, you can visit any baby shop. Usually, they have the quality that’s recommended for babies on the description. Get something with safety standards and government approved.

Consider Their Crib

While most moms prefer sharing a bed with their baby, it’s not safe. Health experts recommend a separate sleeping area for the little one. For the first six months, you can share a bedroom with your baby, but let them sleep in a crib or a cradle. So, if you’re preparing to receive a newborn, don’t forget to sort out a crib when you go shopping for baby items. It’s a necessity. However, if you feel a crib is too big, consider a co-sleeper like a bassinet – it’s smaller in size and potentially more appropriate for your nursery or sleeping room.

Swaddling Is Essential

For the first few months, your baby will need frequent swaddling, especially when they’re sleeping. Even then, not every child will want to be swaddled. So, before you get many pieces of swaddles, ensure they’re comfortable being swaddled. There are different sizes of swaddles ranging from newborn size to 3-month old, so choose wisely. Therefore, you can get ready with swaddles of different sizes – one newborn size and maybe two to three 3-month size. Additionally, don’t forget to pick colors that match your baby’s sex.

Organic Crib Sheets Do The Trick

 Now that you have a crib and a mattress, you need bed sheets to make the bedding complete. Since your baby’s skin is sensitive, always go for cotton bedsheets. Most bubs shops sell these sheets but confirm first if what you’re getting is organic. As you buy those little sheets don’t bring along crib bumper pads for your baby’s crib. While they help keep your baby’s head and hands from getting trapped in between the crib slats, they increase the risk of suffocation.

Avoid Pillows In Most Cases

While a pillow is an important part of the bedding, your baby doesn’t need it. You only need a crib, a mattress, sheets, and blankets. That’s it. Soft objects like pillows increase the risk of suffocation or strangulation for the little one. If you feel your baby sleeps comfortably with their head raised, let them sleep on their tummy. Just stay away from pillows and bumper pads!

Baby Sleeps

Blankets For All Conditions

Your baby’s bedding isn’t complete without a blanket. However, if you dress your baby properly at night, they may not need it.. For newborns, go for blankets that are soft on the skin to keep them comfortable. Remember, there are nights that your baby won’t need those heavy blankets. So, as you buy blanket sets for your little one, mix them up – both light and heavy ones. If you feel your baby needs extra warmth, consider getting a sleep sack or a wearable blanket.

White Noise Machines Can Help

Once in a while, you may have to sing lullabies for your little one to sleep. White noise does better than a lullaby. If you’ve got a fan or an air-conditioner for your baby’s room, their whirring is enough to make the baby fall asleep. However, if you’d like some variations in the sound you can download a free lullaby application to your phone. You can also get a white noise app that allows you to mix the sounds for unique lullabies. However, don’t rely too much on white noise. Your baby may become dependent on it to fall asleep.

Teethers Are Useful Devices

Teething can be a real nightmare for most parents. The pain and itching of the gums can sometimes cause discomfort for their babies. To help your little one go through this comfortably, consider getting them a teether. Teethers come in different shapes and sizes. So just choose what you feel works for your baby. As they get their itchy gums, it’s easier to get them to sleep with a teether. However, make sure you always  keep the teether clean to avoid a build up of bacteria.

in a nutshell,  that’s all you need for your baby to sleep soundly. However, this doesn’t mean we’ve exhausted the entire list. If you feel there’s something missing from this list, don’t hesitate to stock up. They are only young once and their comfort is essential.. It’s all about ensuring your baby gets a quality and sound sleep, so you can also!


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