Kickboxing is a combination of two martial arts, which are karate and boxing. Boxing was invented in the earlier years, around 3000BC in Egypt, while karate was first systemized in Japan during the 17th century. Kickboxing has grown popular as most people are enrolling in training sessions worldwide. Kickboxing may seem like a cool and awesome sport to learn, but it requires strength, flexibility, and balance for you to be an expert. Before you sign up for a kickboxing class, ensure you have a basis of regular workouts so that by the time you join the martial arts, it will be easy for you to adapt. Below are some reasons learning kickboxing is worth your time.

Level of Coordination

Kickboxing involves a lot of hands, feet, and eye coordination due to the punches and kicks. You must be attentive since your opponent may change direction when throwing punches. This sport activates your muscles, thus building better coordination and balance. People who experience balancing problems are encouraged to do kickboxing as it affects their balance after consistent weeks of training. You can search for Kickboxing classes in San Diego near me to join classes to improve your coordination skills and become a professional. Improved coordination makes your overall body control and movement better.

Body Toning

When you are interested in toning your entire body, including arms, core, and legs, kickboxing can make it simpler for you. Research shows kickboxers are likely to have well-developed muscles and low body fat. Kickboxing is a full-body exercise that uses moves that burn calories, and the more you burn calories, the more muscles form, hence visible improvements in your entire body composition. You will not need to do heavy exercise for you to be in great shape. Kickboxing can make things easy since it’s a high-impact workout.

Stress Relief

Most people experience anger, depression, and stress from time to time, and there’s nothing refreshing like throwing a punch at those negative emotions. Kickboxing involves regular movement, which can help you relieve stress and feelings of anxiety. Kickboxing helps boost energy as it increases blood flow to various body parties. Whenever you feel like everyday worries are drowning you, you can join a gym that offers kickboxing sessions since it’s therapeutic, and you can get rid of all bad energy when punching a bag or hitting the mitts.


When you train for kickboxing, you realize that various skills are included in the sport. You learn how to face difficulties with confidence even when you are not sure of the outcome. When you are in the boxing ring, it’s always up to you to figure out ways to defeat your opponent, and the same applies to challenges you may face in life. A study shows that practicing martial arts enhances your confidence, especially in youths, and improves self-esteem.

Apart from building balance and flexibility, kickboxing can increase your overall fitness. Before joining kickboxing sessions, talk with your doctor to see if they may raise any concerns. After the doctor approves your request, don’t be in a hurry to kick start the kickboxing journey. Instead, take it slow, and work for a few hours at least thrice a week for you to enjoy the benefits that the sport offers.

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